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George Glew

Food during manned space missions is part of the life support system. In the earliest American short duration space flights of a few earth orbits the food system was the least of…

Nutrient Interactions

John R. Kemm

Food consists of a complex mixture of different chemical substances and we cannot understand the nutritional significance of any one component of food if we ignore the other…

Anxiety and metabolic rate

Sandra Blaza

Of the factors known to influence metabolic rate it is those with the most marked effect, such as exercise, food intake and temperature extremes, which have attracted the most…

Survey in Tayside

Hazel Y. Mitchell

The aim of this survey was to study nutrition education in local authority schools in the Tayside Region, in order to assess what adequate, practical knowledge of nutrition was…

A personal view

Erica Wheeler, M. Phil

‘Nutrition in education’ rather than ‘Nutrition education’: is there a difference? Last September a small meeting was organised by UNESCO to discuss the topic of Nutrition in

Community action

Paul Fieldhouse, SRD BSc(Nut), AIHE

Two problems for nutrition educators are defining appropriate messages and gaining access to target groups. In addition, communication skills are essential if messages are to be…

Hand washing

A recent WHO working group concluded that efficient hand washing was more effective than health examinations of food handlers in maintaining high standards of hygiene


Trevor Grenby

For one reason or another, different communities develop certain life‐styles, with particular characteristics in eating as in many other day‐to‐day activities. Eating patterns may…

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