Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 79 Issue 2


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1: What the doctor knows

Paul Fieldhouse

The importance of nutrition in the aetiology and treatment of disease has long been recognised. However, in general, medical education and practice has not kept abreast of the…


A.L. Percivall

Since the advent of agriculture, man has suffered losses of his crops to various pests. In 1859, in the introduction to his book Farm Insects, John Curtis wrote ‘… little…

Overcoming the Salmonella problem

Jenny Salmon

Mention food poisoning to anyone and the chances are they will associate it with (a) institutional catering as opposed to home cooking and (b) poultry, especially frozen poultry…

What is Hypoglycaemia?

Vincent Marks

The total amount of glucose in the body at any one time is very small indeed, rarely exceeding 20g in total and generally less than half that amount. This would ordinarily be…


David Gunston

Did you know that the brilliant Hungarian scientist, Professor Albert von Szent‐Györgi, who won the famous Nobel Prize for Medicine, discovered the unsuspected vitamin C content…

Nutritional surveillance in the USA

G.E. Robbins

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare, is working towards the development of an efficient and effective surveillance…

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