Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 78 Issue 3


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Rita Greer

Rita Greer describes her very successful, one woman research to produce attractive and appetising food for a gluten free diet. As an artist, her approach to the problem was…

Lactose intolerance

Dorothy SRD Francis

In recent years more mothers are being encouraged to breast feed their babies. Yet there are some individuals for whom ‘breast is not best’. Dorothy Francis, SRD, Group Chief…

Using food tables

Alison Paul BSc, D.A.T. Southgate PhD

Alison Paul BSc (Nutrition) and D. A. T. Southgate PhD discuss the limitations and use of food composition tables. This is the second of two articles to mark the publication of…

Meat tenderisers

Stuart Thorne

A number of methods are used, or have been proposed, for improving the tenderness of otherwise tough meat. Of these, preparations containing proteolytic enzymes to break down meat…

Teaching nutrition in schools

Irene Finch

It has been suggested that there are two aspects to nutrition teaching, information and motivation, and that while we are succeeding at present with one, we are failing with the…

Keeping quality of fruit and vegetables

Michael Rhodes

Fruit and vegetables after harvest remain in a living state; they respire using the reserve carbohydrates and organic acids and are capable of enzyme interconversions of their…

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