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Stuart Thorne

One of the most satisfactory methods of preserving foods for long periods is the process of canning, in which the food is sealed into a container and then sterilised by heat…



Waste of food has been a concern to MAFF for a considerable period. Recently, because of worries over national and world food supplies, and the necessity for the UK to maintain a…

Towards a healthier Britain: The elderly are a group of individuals

Louise Davies

The ‘Towards a Healthier Britain’ Conference was arranged by Van den Berghs & Jurgens Ltd. in association with Nutrition and Food Science and held in London last April. The…

Your diet and your heart

Richard Turner

Based on reports of eighteen international committees set up to examine the evidence, there is a general consensus of opinion among doctors working in the field of coronary…

Adult fitness

Alistair Murray

We can divide the exercising public into three groups. Group A are the relatively fit people and young people who are not at risk. They can be looked after efficiently by teachers…

The tendency to fatness

Margaret Ashwell

The opening paragraph of Report on Obesity published by the DHSS and the MRC stresses the importance of obesity. “We are unanimous in our belief that obesity is a hazard to health

Vitamin D deficiency with special reference to the immigrant communities

C.E. Stroud

After World War 2, rickets had disappeared from the U.K. Then in 1960, 19 consecutive cases were reported from Guy's Hospital. A little later, Gavin Arneil discovered cases of…

The early years

Dilys Wells

We can trace the importance of good nutrition to the very early days of life, months before the baby begins its own separate existence. Before birth, the baby depends on his…

Speculation on our future food

Magnus Pyke

There seem to be four main influences which may bring about major changes in our food and the way it is prepared during the next 50 years.

Food for today

To most people Britain's economic picture today seems far from rosy Are the nation's problems affecting the food we eat?

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