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Stuart Thorne

A major difference between sterilised foods (canned and bottled) and foods preserved by other methods, such as dehydration and freezing, is that sterilisation destroys the…

Can Britain grow her own baked beans?

Ronald Webber reviews the prospects of Britain being able to meet the great demand for this popular convenience food with home grown produce

Manufactured foods and dental decay

Trevor Grenby

Dental caries (or tooth decay) is our most prevalent disease, and hardly anyone living in present‐day Britain is completely free from it. More than 99% of the population have had…

Classroom experiments on vitamin C

Michael Spencer

Scurvy was at one time one of the most wide‐spread diseases, especially among seamen on long voyages. Little was known about the causes or treatment of the disease, but in 1753…

“Real” meals versus snacks

Among the general public there is a common misconception that a hot meal of meat and vegetables followed by a pudding is superior in food value to the simple, cold or hot, snack…

Seaweed and Japan's nutritional crisis

Raymond Lamont Brown

In excess of 11 million people live on Japan's four main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku. The country's total landmass is approximately twice that of the United…

Household food consumption and expenditure: 1974: Annual Report of the National Food Survey Committee

This Report of the National Food Survey Committee, published on July 2, deals with the economic, social and nutritional aspects of household food consumption in Great Britain in…

Nutritional deficiencies among Asian Immigrants

In Part 3 of her paper which won the 1975 Van den Berghs & Jurgens Nutrition Award, Sandra Hunt BSc describes some of the effects of nutritional inadequacies among these ethnic…

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