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The food habits of Asian immigrants

Sandra Hunt

It was during the second world war that the first Indian and Pakistani immigrants began to arrive in Britain; most were sailors who deserted their ships and moved inland to work…

Eating habits and nutritional status

Robin Osner, Susan Thomas

The National Food Survey records of household food purchases and information concerning the dietary pattern of the population, obtained from estimates of total food consumption in…

Economy and palatability

Gillian Chapman, Pamela Mumford

Gillian Chapman and Pamela Mumford of Queen Elizabeth College, London University, suggest economies which can be made while maintaining the nutritive value of the diet, and…

Are intensive food production systems justified?

Christopher W. Lewis

Over the last twenty years many new substances have been developed as potential foods for man. Although the raw materials from which these novel foods are made may cost next to…

FRUCTOSE & XYLITOL: The Turku dental studies

Ivan M. Sharman

When a solution of cane sugar (sucrose) is warmed with dilute acids it is rapidly hydrolysed to a mixture of two simpler sugars viz. glucose and fructose. Glucose resembles cane…

The salt of the earth

Douglas Blake

In earlier days sharing your salt with someone meant sharing your freindship, and the spilling of salt was taken as a sign that the friendship was going to end. However, salt has…


1. What guidelines would you offer a Muslim, Hindu and Sikh having to choose a meal from typical English foods without breaking their religious food laws? Which protein rich foods…

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