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preserving eggs

Susan M. Passmore

All methods of egg preservation aim to prevent the entry and growth of spoilage or pathogenic micro‐organisms which would make the egg unpalatable or dangerous to health. Although…

VITAMIN D: Anti‐rachitic factor and kidney hormone

Ivan M. Sharman

During the early years of the present century it was suggested that, besides all the then known nutrients, “accessory food factors” were required for the health and growth of man…


Michael Stone

In most of the ‘developed’ countries of the western hemisphere, heart disease has become the major killer disease not only of the upper age groups, but also of the middle age…

The biochemistry of Meat Quality

P.V. Tarrant

The important quality characteristics of lean meat are freshness, tenderness, colour, flavour, juiciness and water‐holding capacity (i.e. absence of drip). Lean meat is produced…

A personal view of Teaching Nutrition

Phyllis M. Mortimer

The nurses are drawn from different hospitals in the area and include general and mental nursing students, the latter often male, while the former are predominantly female. There…

Fight against FATNESS

Margaret Ashwell

You probably think that the slimming market is something which belongs to the latter half of the twentieth century. Yet Allan's Anti‐Fat was advertised to our fat predecessors as…

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