Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 74 Issue 2


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Diverticular disease and fibre

M.A. Eastwood, W.D. Mitchell, A.A. McConnell, J.M. Findlay

Diverticular disease of the colon is an acquired disorder of bowel muscle which hypertrophies, that is, it thickens. The hypertrophied muscle causes an increase in pressure in the…

Service to the vegetable industry

E.R. Page, F.K. Niendorf

In the mid‐1950s English watercress growers faced ruin. A disease known as crook root was spreading rapidly and threatened to infect all the watercress beds in Britain. The…

School meals and food education

Phyllis Dudfield

How is it that in the second half of the twentieth century, a large proportion of the population is blissfully indifferent and totally unaware of the health hazards caused by…


John Wren

So‐called emulsifiers do many things. Although the addition of an emulsifier to some mixtures does emulsify them, the emulsification of other mixtures may require other…

Nutritional value for money

Hazel Christie

What is good nutritional value for money? A 5 oz can of peas costing 4p; a 4 oz packet of frozen peas costing 5½p; or a 2 oz packet of dried peas at 7½p? To answer this question…

Hormones and energy balance

G.R. Hervey

It has been known since at least 1905 that pregnant female mammals gain bodyweight, additionally to the fetus and structures involved in reproduction, mostly early in pregnancy…

The rising cost of a diabetic's food

Diet is the one common denominator in diabetes, whether by itself or in conjunction with insulin or with oral anti‐diabetic tablets. It is the essential ingredient for the…

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