Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 73 Issue 3


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An experiment in teaching nutrition

C.M. Hillman, W.K. Bagley

At Peterborough, we have for some time produced our own 35mm slides for our teaching, and used tapes recorded from a variety of different sources. It seemed a natural extension to…

VITAMIN C: The Antiscorbutic vitamin and… traditional studies and recent claims

Ivan M. Sharman

Scurvy is probably one of the oldest recorded diseases encountered by man. When Magellan circumnavigated the world in 1522 the majority of his men were stricken with the disease…

The Hannah Research Institute


The Hannah Research Institute, founded in 1928 to undertake research into milk production and milk utilisation, is situated close to the town of Ayr, Scotland. It is administered…

Teach‐in No. 4: Chemical changes during cooking, processing and storage of food Part 2 Colours, vitamins and minerals

M. Spencer

The natural colour of green vegetables is due to a mixture of chlorophylls. Under conditions of moist heat, the chlorophyll is converted to an olive green compound, phaeophytin

Agricultural pressures on the ECO system

A.J. LOW, M FRIC Sc Agric

In any one place over short periods of time in the absence of modern agriculture, there is a more or less balanced population of plants and animals living on and in a given soil…

Goodbye to the English breakfast?

L.G. Hanson

Goodbye to the English breakfast if we join. That was the message in the headlines one morning early in our negotiations to join the European Economic Community. Well here we are…

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