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food to run

Ivan M. Sharman

So it was that St Paul, who knew a great deal about athletics, advised his correspondents in Corinth nineteen hundred years ago but the advice might equally well be given to‐day…

Body weight‐fat and energy balance

G.R. Hervey

It is characteristic of living organisms that they maintain a specific structure, composition and physical state, although they are continuously losing and gaining the substances…

The national food survey

A.H.J. Baines, D.H. Buss

Any Government needs to make sure that its citizens have enough of the right kinds of food to eat. After air and water, there is no more basic human need; but in assessing the…


Diane Roberts, Betty Hobbs

Food can be contaminated with visible material, chemical substances and invisible living cells of protozoa and other parasites, bacteria and viruses. Chemical food poisoning has…

Campden Research Station

H.R. MSc. Hinton, FIBiol, Director

During the 1914–18 war the United Kingdom suffered from shortages of food and with the object of preserving as much home produced food as possible, the Ministry of Agriculture set…

Nutrition Education in Western Germany

Gisela Trurnit

The German Society of Nutrition has two main objectives. Firstly, to collect the findings of all disciplines in the field of nutrition, to co‐ordinate and evaluate this material…

Feeding the undernourished under‐fives, part two

Joel Montague, Margot Higgins, Saul Helfenbein

The operational, economic, and cultural obstacles to pre‐school nutrition programs outlined in the first half of this paper have arisen largely because few nationwide programs…

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