Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 72 Issue 1


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nature and nurture

T.E. Oppé

The nutritionist must be aware of genetic principles, biological variations and the complex genetic and environmental factors which have a direct bearing on the science of…

The state of their teeth

Pamela Hobson

It is probably true to say that the general health of children in this country is better today than it has ever been. Unfortunately, however, the health of one part of our…

A loaf by any other colour

Ralph H.J. Watson

We all take it for granted that bread may be purchased either as a white or as a brown loaf. But what if it could be red or blue? You might say that such a colour would have to be…


‘McCance’ is likely to be the first name to spring to mind if readers were asked to name an eminent nutritionist. Most of us have learnt the essentials of nutrition and dietetics…

Meat Research

Cynthia Gardner

The Low Temperature Research Station was established in Cambridge in 1922 to investigate scientific problems arising out of the preservation and handling of foods, and…

The butter mountain that vanished

The price of butter in mid‐1970 was hardly higher than it had been ten years earlier. Now, a year later, butter is much more expensive. Our main supplier, New Zealand, has raised…

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