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OBESITY in childhood

June K. Lloyd

Obesity is now the most frequent nutritional disorder of childhood in the so‐called developed countries of the world. It is due to an increase in the amount of adipose tissue but…


G. Glew

In 1949, the usage of the School Meals Service by children in Britain was 52%. It is now 70% or 1,000 million meals per year. This growth in numbers must be set against the…

A question of TASTE

H.B. Heath

It was established way back in the middle of the last century that the sensory organs responsible for our appreciation of taste, as distinct from that of flavour, are located on…


Well known for her work for geriatrics has behind her a career which has ranged from Food and Nutrition in the 1940's to Shopping List in the 1950/60's. With such a talent for…


P.A.A. Yule

Torry Research Station, a branch of the Department of Trade and Industry, takes its name from the district of Aberdeen in which it is situated. It is concerned with all aspects of…

Anorexia nervosa

Lumsden Walker

Anorexia nervosa is the term used to describe a specific disorder of appetite. The name of this complaint is to some extent misleading as it implies loss of appetite of nervous…

Getting the most out of Food

Mrs. Helen Butler

In November, 1970, an eminent panel of judges awarded the £250 Van den Bergh Nutrition Award to Mrs. Helen Butler, B.Sc., F.R.D., Senior Dietitian at Singleton Hospital, Swansea…

skin deep


A nutritionist looks at the relationship between diet and beauty culture. Are they related at all ? Some so‐called experts would have us believe that eating for beauty is all…

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