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Flavour and the part it plays in our food

H.B. Heath

One of the prime motivations of life is the necessity to maintain it and that implies a primitive inborn urge to seek food and water. This inherited characteristic is shared by…

A Geography lesson in food

D.W. Streeter

A geographer sees food less perhaps as a commodity on the table or in the oven than as a product of the land. He attempts to understand the complex relationship between sun and…


The new Director of the British Nutrition Foundation is unpretentious, quick witted and academically brilliantnow has a great potential force for the advancement of nutrition at…

LEARNING better nutrition—not merely ‘teaching’ it

Dorothy Hollingsworth

This title is stolen from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations because of the subtle significance of the change in seventeen years from the philosophy of…


Dilys Wells

THE rate at which young people grow never seems to fail in drawing comment from elderly friends and relatives. Teachers are more accustomed to seeing groups of children turn into…

What children eat

Lawrence Wheatley

In the course of a casual class discussion a little over a year ago I was somewhat surprised to find that I was wrong in assuming that most people shared my enjoyment of the…

How many convenience foods should we use?

The usual definition of convenience foods is foods which are prepared or packaged by a manufacturer so that they need little or no further preparation before being used. There is…

Eating for an extra one

Anne Duerden

The old maxim “eating for two” has been relegated to the other old wives' tales associated with pregnancy — and not before time. A properly balanced diet is essential for a…

Food trends and food science in the 1970's

A. Spicer

Man is foremost a creature of habit and strong beliefs and disbeliefs. Some of these are part of our inheritance and some are formed and formulated by us as environmental…

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