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The association of dietary inflammatory index, functional foods and some antioxidants intake with COVID-19 vaccine side effects in Iranian adults

Mahsa Mohajeri

This study aims to assess the association of dietary inflammatory index (DII), consumption of functional food and some antioxidants with COVID-19 vaccine side effects in Iranian…

Olive cake reduces obesity by decreasing epididymal adipocyte size, inhibiting oxidative stress and pancreatic lipase, in rat fed high fat diet

Mansourou Samba Garba, Sherazede Bouderbala

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of olive cake (OC) on oxidant/antioxidant biomarkers, lipase activity and on the histological analysis of epididymal fat, in…

The association of body image, percent body fat, nutrient intake, physical activity among adolescent

Nazhif Gifari, Laras Sitoayu, Rachmanida Nuzrina, Putri Ronitawati, Mury Kuswari, Teguh Jati Prasetyo

Obesity in adolescents has been a severe public health problem in developing countries in recent years. This study aims to assess the differences in socioeconomic, nutrition…

Evaluation of orthorexia nervosa tendency and fear of COVID-19 in university students receiving health education

Zeynep Uzdil, Ayça Sevdanur Üstüner

This study aims to evaluate level of fear and the tendency toward orthorexia nervosa (ON) during the COVID-19 pandemic in the university students receiving health education.

A meta-analysis on the effects of caffeine ingestion on swimming performance

J. Grgic

Caffeine is a popular ergogenic aid, but its effects on swimming performance are not yet fully clear. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of caffeine on…

Enhancement of vitamin D2 in edible mushroom using ultraviolet irradiation and assessing its storage and cooking stability

Muneeb Ahmad Malik, Yasmeena Jan, Afrozul Haq, Jasmeet Kaur, Bibhu Prasad Panda

The purpose of this study was to optimize the parameters for enhancing the vitamin D2 formation in three edible mushroom varieties, namely, shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes)…

Bioactive compounds and its optimization from food waste: review on novel extraction techniques

Subhamoy Dhua, Kshitiz Kumar, Vijay Singh Sharanagat, Prabhat K. Nema

The amount of food wasted every year is 1.3 billion metric tonne (MT), out of which 0.5 billion MT is contributed by the fruits processing industries. The waste includes…


Anemia, a moderate public health problem among adolescent school girls in Aysaita district, the pastoral community of the Afar region, Ethiopia

Etsay Anbesu, Getahun Mulaw, Kusse Mare, Molla Kahssay

Adolescents are a vulnerable age group in the human life cycle for the development of anemia. Despite limited health infrastructures, there are limited studies in the pastoral…

Eating behavior among remote working adults during the COVID-19 pandemic

Chin Xuan Tan, Shuen Dee Goh, Seok Shin Tan, Seok Tyug Tan

The Malaysian movement control order is a series of national lockdowns implemented by the Malaysian federal government to contain the spread of Coronavirus disease-2019…

Characterization of Bolivian chili peppers; antioxidant capacity, total phenolic compounds, capsaicin and β-carotene concentration

Leslie Tejeda, Pamela Elizabeth Vasquez Iriarte, Jimena Valeria Ortiz, Enzo Aliaga-Rossel, Patricia Mollinedo, J. Mauricio Peñarrieta

Chili pepper pods are a worldwide used and cultivated spice with a high economic and cultural importance. Bolivia is a center of origin and diversification of important crops…

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