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Bacterial viability, antioxidant stability, antimutagenicity and sensory properties of onion types fermentation by using probiotic starter during storage

Shayma T.G. Al-Sahlany, Alaa K. Niamah

The purpose of this study was to assess the bacterial viability, antioxidative activity, antimutagenicity and sensory evaluation of fermented onion types by using probiotic…

Cañihua (Chenopodium pallidicaule Aellen) a promising superfood in food industry: a review

Jerry Fredy Gomez Cahuata, Yessica Estefany Rosas-Quina, Erika Pachari Vera

The purpose of this paper is to divulge the current knowledge about the nutritional and functional characteristics of Cañihua (Chenopodium pallidicaule Aellen), in addition to its…

The relationship between dietary inflammatory index and metabolic syndrome in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Teymour Sheikhi, Yahya Pasdar, Jalal Moludi, Mehdi Moradinazar, Hadi Abdollahzad

Inflammation plays a significant role in incidence of metabolic syndrome (MetS), whose risk can be reduced through modifying the diet. Considering the importance of incidence of…

Chocolate craving: does it affect eating attitude and body mass index?

Nevin Sanlier, Büşra Açıkalın, Elif Eroglu, Fatma Kılınç, Bulent Celik

Some kinds of foods, by producing an effect like addiction, may trigger overeating. This paper aims to investigate whether excessive chocolate consumption and hunger cause food…

Changes in quality parameters and microbial stability of hog plum (Spondias mombin Linn.) juice during ambient and refrigerated storage

Folasade Olabimpe Adeboyejo, Olaide Ruth Aderibigbe, Fehintola Oluwatosin Ojo, Steven Akintomide Fagbemi

Several factors may play critical roles in alterations to product quality during storage of hog plum juice. This study aims to evaluate variations to physicochemical, antioxidant…


Benzene food exposure and their prevent methods: a review

Parisa Sadighara, Mohadeseh Pirhadi, Melina Sadighara, Parisa Shavaly-Gilani, Mohammad Reza Zirak, Tayebeh Zeinali

Benzene contamination has been reported in some food groups. This study aims to identify high-risk foods groups to assess exposure to benzene.

Gluten-free cake with unripe banana peel flour substitution: impact on nutritional, functional and sensorial properties

Burcu Türker, Nazlı Savlak

This study aims to develop nutritious and functional gluten-free cakes for celiac patients by substituting rice flour with unripe banana peel flour (UBPF) (0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and…

Impact of high pressure processing on microbiological, nutritional and sensory properties of food: a review

Ajith Amsasekar, Rahul S. Mor, Anand Kishore, Anupama Singh, Saurabh Sid

The increased demand for high-quality, nutritionally rich processed food has led to non-thermal food processing technologies like high pressure processing (HPP), a novel process…

Adherence to Mediterranean diet among adults during the COVID-19 outbreak and the economic crisis in Lebanon

Joanne Karam, Wissam Ghach, Carol Bouteen, Mary-Joe Makary, Marwa Riman, Mireille Serhan

The purpose of this study is to assess the adherence to MedDiet among adults during the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis, using the validated 14-item MedDiet assessment…

Nutritional problems and body mass index of Turkish children with autism

Esma Asil, Aslı Uçar, Çağla Zeynep Tunay, Aynur Bütün Ayhan

This study aims to evaluate the nutritional habits, eating behavior and nutritional status of children with autism.

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