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Effect of different cooking methods on quality characteristics of turkey meat cutlets

Varunkumar H. Mehta, Meena Goswami, Vikas Pathak, Arun Kumar Verma, Vincentraju Rajkumar

This present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of different cooking methods on quality characteristics of turkey meat cutlets, i.e. turkey meat cutlets prepared by deep…

COVID-19 pandemic and the consumption behaviour of branded functional beverages in india: a conceptual framework

Thamaraiselvan Natarajan, Jayadevan G.R.

This conceptual paper aims to study the Corona Virus Disease-19 (COVID-19) pandemic’s impact on branded functional beverages consumption in India. There is a sincere effort to…

Effects of garlic supplementation and its derivatives on body weight and composition in adults: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Monireh Panbehkar-Jouybari, Mehdi Mollahosseini, Asieh Panjeshahin, Mahdieh Hosseinzadeh

Garlic supplementation may be inversely contributed to body weight and composition; however, previous results have been inconsistent. This study aims to evaluate the effect of…

Bioactive compounds, nutritional benefits and food applications of black rice: a review

Amrita Poonia, Surabhi Pandey

The purpose of this paper is to review the nutritional composition, phytochemicals and bioactive compounds of black rice such as flavonoids, phenolic compounds and their health…

Hepatotoxicity of methoxychlor and camel milk restoration

Eman E. Elsharkawy, Neveen A. El-Nisr, Nahed M. Wahba, Walaa M. Elsherif

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the restoration effect of camel's milk against methoxychlor induced liver toxicity.

Edible nanocoatings: potential food applications, challenges and safety regulations

Amrita Poonia, Alok Mishra

This review discusses the concept of edible nanocoatings (ENCs), the biomaterials used in the coating matrices, techniques of coating development, applications, challenges and…

Open challenges for ecological and microbiological safety of food and raw food materials in Azerbaijan

Mehriban Yusifova, Gunash Nasrullayeva, Elza Omarova, Mehriban Magerramova, Aphila Kurbanova

The provision of safe food is a topic of increasing relevance worldwide. Several countries, including Azerbaijan, attempted to develop scientific, applied, social and economic…

Applying the trans-theoretical model to determine the mediating effect self-efficacy in breakfast consumption among children

Mahsa Mohajeri, Sajad Narimani, Fardin Shahbazzadeh, Saniyeh Bahrampanah, Vida Ghaderi

Regular breakfast with a variety of nutrients can lead to improving educational performance, learning ability, reducing behavioral problems in elementary students. This study aims…

Effects of Gongronema latifolium Benth and Celosia argentea Linn supplemented diet on the hepatic and cardiac functions of high-fat diet-induced hyperlipidemic rats

Abimbola Abiodun Adeyemi-Doro, Sule Ola Salawu, Akintunde Afolabi Akindahunsi

The purpose of this study is to assess the effects of two green leafy vegetables (Gongronema latifolium and Celosia argentea) on the hepatic biomarkers [Alanine Aminotransferase…

High plant-based diet and physical activity in women during menopausal transition

Mauro Lombardo, Gianluca Rizzo, Alessandra Feraco, Marco Alfonso Perrone, Chiara Bellia, Davide Lauro, Massimiliano Caprio, Alfonso Bellia, Elvira Padua

The menopausal transition (MT) is a period when there may be an increase in visceral fat mass and a worsening of cardiometabolic risk factors. Few studies have evaluated the…

Association of different types of dietary fatty acids with breast cancer, a case-control study

Maryam Gholamalizadeh, Hossain Shahdoosti, Effat Bahadori, Fatemeh BourBour, Mohammad Esmail Akbari, Samira Rastgoo, Saeid Doaei

The purpose of this study is to explore the association between intake of different types of dietary fats with breast cancer (BC) risk in Iranian women.

Locomotive syndrome is associated with insufficient nutrient intake in young and middle-aged adults: a cross-sectional survey

Makoto Ohtsuki, Akinobu Nishimura, Toshihiro Kato , Yusuke Wakasugi, Rie Nagao-Nishiwaki, Ai Komada, Akihiro Sudos

This paper aims to investigate the relationship between locomotive syndrome (LS) and insufficient nutrient intake in young and middle-aged adults, independent of energy intake.

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