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Healthy eating index-2015 and breast cancer: a case-control study

Maryam Safabakhsh, Sakineh Shab-Bidar, Hossein Imani

Recently, evidences have suggested that healthy eating index (HEI), an index-based dietary pattern, may be a predictor for the risk of cancer. This paper aims to examine the…

In vitro evaluation of cytotoxic and apoptotic activities of ethanolic extract of sweet apricot kernel on PANC-1 pancreatic cancer cells

Fatemeh Aamazadeh, Jaleh Barar, Yalda Rahbar Saadat, Alireza Ostadrahimi

This study aimed to evaluate the cytotoxic/apoptotic effects of sweet apricot kernel ethanolic extract (SAEE) on human cancerous PANC-1 and 293/KDR normal cells.

The impact of slum dwelling on healthy eating index in the border of Tehran

Foruzan Rajabzadeh, Mirsaeed Yekaninejad, Mohammadali Moshtaq, Shima Kordi, Aliyu Tijani Jibril, Ahmad Reza Dorosty Motlagh, Zahra Esmaeily

Life conditions for most slum dwellers are deplorable, with poor socio-economic status and high rates of malnutrition and communicable diseases. Studies have shown lower intake of…

The iodine knowledge of pregnant women in an endemic goiter area: a cross-sectional study

Nazlı Nur Aslan Çin, Ayşe Özfer Özçelik

This study aims to determine the level of knowledge about iodine nutrition during pregnancy among pregnant women living in the area of Turkey where goiter is endemic.

The threshold of sweet taste recognition among a sample of Moroccan population

Yasmine Guennoun, Nada Benajiba, Khalid Elkari, Amina Bouziani, Laila Elammari, Ayoub Al-Jawaldeh, Noureddine Elhaloui, Amina Barkat, Hasnae Benkirane, Hassan Aguenaou

Sugar consumption in Morocco is high, which is involved in triggering serious health conditions. Hence, assessing the recognition threshold of sweet taste among Moroccans is…

Vitamin E ameliorates disturbances in testosterone pathway and sperm quality of male rats induced by the glycosides vicine and convicine of Vicia faba

Khaled M.M. Koriem, Mahmoud S.S. Arbid

This paper aims to design to evaluate the protective effect of vitamin E to ameliorate the disturbances in testosterone pathway and sperm quality of male rats induced by the…

Hydration status count for weight gain on pregnancy period

Erry Yudhya Mulyani, Dudung Angkasa, Enrico Stanin, Idrus Jus'at

In Indonesia, 29.3% of Indonesian women were obese. Dehydrated women have 1.6 times higher risk of becoming obese than normal ones. This study was aimed to further explore the…

Determinant factors of olive oil stability, phenolic content and antioxidant capacity

Jessica Maalouf, Jennifer C. Tomazou, Stephanie Azar, Christelle Bou-Mitri, Jacqueline Doumit, Amira Youssef, Roland B. Andary, Wadih A. Skaff, Milad G. El Riachy

This study aims to identify the effect of selected agro-industrial factors associated with the olive oil phenolic composition, total phenolic content (TPC), antioxidant capacity…

Association of traditional complementary and alternate medicine usage with quality of life of diabetic patients in a Malaysian tertiary hospital

Chinedum Ogbonnaya Eleazu, Aniza Abd Aziz, Tay Chuu Suen, Lam Chun-Hau, Chin Elynn, Chia Yi Hen, Ivan Ho Khor Ee, Lau Li Ren, Sabarisah Hashim, Mahaneem Mohamed

This study aims to design to assess the traditional, complementary and alternate medicine (TCAM) usage and its association with the quality of life (QOL) of Type 2 diabetic…

Ephedra alata extracts exerts anti-obesity, anti-hyperglycemia, anti-antipyretic and analgesic effects

Mohamed Tiss, Zoubeida Souiy, Lotfi Achour, Khaled Hamden

This study paper aims to evaluate the Phytochemical Composition, anti-obesity, anti-antipyretic and analgesic effect of Ephedra alata (Ea) extracts.

The Greek version of the Mediterranean diet adherence screener: development and validation

Athanasios Michalis, Vassiliki Costarelli

The purpose of this paper is to develop and validate the Greek version of the Mediterranean Diet Adherence Screener (MEDAS).

Factors associated with the salt intake behaviors in women in a high-salt intake setting

Roghayeh Chenary, Akram Karimi-Shahanjarini, Saeid Bashirian, Ghodratollah Roshanaei, Ali Akbar Fazaeli, Mohsen Jalilian

The high prevalence of hypertension is a significant concern worldwide. A decrease in salt intake is a well-known strategy to control hypertension and reduce the risk of…

Short-term effects of milkshake containing polydextrose and maltodextrin on subjective feelings of appetite, energy intake and blood glucose in healthy females

İsmail Mücahit Alptekin, Ece Erdoğan, Aylin İşler, Esma Cansu Yanalak, Funda Pınar Çakiroğlu, Sevgi Aras

Previous studies have reported that dietary fibers such as polydextrose and maltodextrin can reduce food intake; however, the studies on the differences of this effect are…

Long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in liver and muscle tissues of Okinawan long-spine porcupinefish (Diodon holocanthus Linnaeus 1758)

Yutaka Tashiro

This study aimed to analyze the lipid content and fatty acid composition in the liver and muscle of a porcupinefish species inhabiting waters around the Ryukyu Islands to…

Predictors of binge eating: relevance of BMI, emotional eating and sensivity to environmental food cues

Maša Černelič-Bizjak, Raquel P.F. Guiné

Understanding humans’ food intake practices is helpful in reducing health problems. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships between eating behaviours and…


Cross-sectional associations of dietary patterns with health status and smoking-related knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) among Bangladeshi adolescent smokers

Suvasish Das Shuvo, Md. Eunus Ali, Md. Masudur Rahman, Abu Taher, Md Asaduzzaman, Md. Toufiq Elahi, Md. Ashrafuzzaman Zahid, Dipak Kumar Paul, Deepa Roy

This study aims to evaluate the association between dietary patterns with health status and smoking-related knowledge, attitudes and practices (s-KAP) among Bangladeshi adolescent…

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