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Oat beta glucans anti-inflammatory actions in leg exercise stress

Jennifer Creamer Thompson, Timothy Kirby, Robert A. DiSilvestro

Dietary fiber is not traditionally considered to have anti-inflammatory actions in skeletal muscle. This study aims to test the hypothesis that oat β-glucans fiber intake can…

The cognitive and behavioral impact of a culinary education program on schoolchildren

Nur Al Ali, Andres Arriaga, Margarita Rubio

The purpose of this paper is to design a culinary education program and ascertain its impact on knowledge, phobias, culinary skills and diet quality in schoolchildren.

Nutrient composition and anti-nutritional properties of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) calyx flour

Saheed Adewale Omoniyi, Adamu Musa Muhammad, Ruth Ayuba

Calyx of okra pods is usually cut off and discarded as a waste during processing, whereas the pulp and seeds are being used. This study aims to investigate the nutrient…

Tempeh and red ginger flour for hypercholesterolemic rats

Luthfia Dewi, Lara Ayu Lestari, Azizah Nur Astiningrum, Vita Fadhila, Nur Amala, Muhamad Abdal Bakrie, Nurul Hidayah

This study aims to evaluate the effect of the combination of tempeh and red ginger flour in hypercholesterolemic rats.

Dietary glycemic index, glycemic load and risk of ulcerative colitis: results from a case-control study

Mina Movahedian, Jamal Rahmani, Zahra Yari, Samaneh Rashvand, Azita Hekmatdoost

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the possible relationship of dietary glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) with ulcerative colitis (UC) risks because there is…

Soy ice cream as a carrier for efficient delivering of Lactobacillus casei

Aziz Homayouni, Reza Rezaei Mokarram, Sharareh Norouzi, Alireza Dehnad, Ali Barkhordari, Hamideh Homayouni, Hadi Pourjafar

Among soy products, soy ice cream with neutral pH, high total solids contents and prebiotic oligosaccharides is an appropriate vehicle for probiotics. The purpose of this paper is…

Food packaging design and consumer perception of the product quality, safety, healthiness and preference

Christelle Bou-Mitri, Marilyn Abdessater, Hani Zgheib, Zeina Akiki

The purpose of this paper is to assess the impact of the packaging design on consumers’ perception of the food quality, safety, healthiness and preference to buy.


Optimization of meat slices from buffalo veal and chevon

Pradeep Kumar Singh, Satyavir Singh Ahlawat, Diwakar Prakash Sharma, Gauri Jairath, Ashok Kumar Pathera, Sanjay Yadav

The purpose of this study was to optimize meat slices for processing attributes to produce better sensory features in developed products from buffalo veal and chevon. The…

Does total antioxidant capacity affect the features of metabolic syndrome? A systematic review

Sama Rasaee, Mohammad Alizadeh, Sorayya Kheirouri, Hadi Abdollahzad

There is some evidence that suggest a higher dietary total antioxidant capacity (DTAC) is associated with a lower risk of metabolic syndrome (MetS). Considering the conflicting…

The association of food insecurity with sociodemographic factors and depression in the elderly population of Qarchak city – Iran

Rana Rafat, Arezoo Rezazadeh, Pishva Arzhang, Abbas Alipourr

Elderly people are at higher risk of food insecurity because of limited or uncertain inaccessibility to adequate food supply. This is not only as a result of economic limitation…

Genistein supplementation improves some cardiovascular risk factors in postmenopausal women with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Hassan Braxas, Maryam Rafraf, Saadat Karimi Hasanabad, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a worldwide health problem. Blood pressure (BP) and inflammation are well-established risk factors for the cardiovascular complications of T2DM…

Effects of different concentrations of guar, xanthan and locust bean gums on physicochemical quality and rheological properties of corn flour tarhana

Munir Anil, Yusuf Durmus, Zekai Tarakci

Celiac disease patients cannot consume gluten-containing diets; thus, gluten-free products should be offered to meet the nutritional needs of these patients. The purpose of this…

Snacking, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and child obesity in low-income households

Christine E. Walsh, Rebecca Seguin-Fowler, Alice Ammerman, Karla Hanson, Stephanie B. Pitts Jilcott, Jane Kolodinsky, Marilyn Sitaker, Susan Ennett

Snacking contributes to one-quarter of children’s total daily energy intake in the USA, with many snack foods being nutrient-poor and energy-dense. Snacking and sugary beverage…

Antihypercholesterolemic and anti-atherogenic effects of lyophilized aqueous extract of Globularia alypum leaves in rats fed a high-cholesterol diet

Nawal Taleb-Dida, Djamil Krouf, Yasmina Bahlil, Sarra Dali, Fatima Zohra Alachaher, Akila Guenzet

This paper aims to investigate the preventive effects of a concomitant supplementation of a lyophilized aqueous extract of Globularia alypum (Ga) leaves in a high cholesterol-diet…

The effect of partially or totally replacing milk fat by jojoba oil in Domiati cheese production on some nutritional and quality properties

Rehab F.M. Ali, Ayman M. El-Anany, Hassan M. Mousa

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of partial or total substitution of milk fat by various levels of jojoba oil on the nutritional, physicochemical and sensory…

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