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Effects of citrus latifolia extract on dyslipidemia and tissues redox status in rats fed a high-cholesterol diet

Hakima Mir, Djamil Krouf, Nawal Taleb-Dida, Sadia Berzou, Akila Guenzet, HadjMostefa Khelladi

This study aims to investigate the possible effect of Citrus latifolia (CL) extract on biomarkers of oxidative stress, including lipid peroxidation products in rats fed a high…

Shelf life assessment of natural antioxidant-treated milk smoothies stored under refrigeration at 4 ± 2°C

Brijesh Kumar, Veer Pal Singh, Vikas Pathak, Akhilesh K. Verma

This paper aims to assess the effect of natural antioxidants (Tulsi, Lemon grass and Aloevera) on sensory and microbiological quality as well as on Thiobarbituric acid (TBA…

Antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of pulp extracts from three populations of Ziziphus lotus L.

Chaimae Rais, Asmae Driouch, Chaimae Slimani, Aymane Bessi, Mounyr Balouiri, Lahsen El Ghadraoui, Abderrahim Lazraq, Jamila Al Figuigui

This paper aims to evaluate the antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of ethanol, methanol and aqueous extracts of the jujube fruit.

The effects of prebiotic bread containing oat ß-glucan and resistant starch on the glycemic index and glycemic load in healthy individuals

Zahra Mohebbi, Maryam Azizi-Lalabadi, Sayyed Javad Hosseini, Sajjad Abdi Nowrouzani, Mohammad Alizadeh, Aziz Homayouni

The enrichment of bread with non-digestible prebiotic ingredients may exert health-promoting effects and provide healthier food choices for those suffering from metabolic…

Dietary intake of energy and fiber in MS patients; an approach to prebiotics role

Amir Reza Moravejolahkami, Zamzam Paknahad, Ahmad Chitsaz

Dietary fiber and energy intakes seem to be related to disability and anthropometric indices in multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic inflammatory disorder of the central nervous…

Food intake among smallholder cassava value chain households

Folake Olukemi Samuel, Bolanle Aishat Akinwande, Rachel Oluwatoyin Opasola, Lukuman Akande Azeez, Adebayo Busura Abass

The purpose of this study is to compare food consumption and dietary diversity in smallholder cassava value chain households (CVCHs) and non-cassava value chain households…

Antidiabetic effect of milk fermented using intestinal probiotics

Widodo Widodo, Pradiptya Ayu Harsita, Ari Surya Sukarno, Arief Nurrochmad

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that accounted for 6 per cent of total Indonesian deaths in 2016. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the ability of milk fermented…

Energy drinks: health effects and consumer safety

Jaspreet Kaur, Vikas Kumar, Ankit Goyal, Beenu Tanwar, Yogesh Gat, Rasane Prasad, Sheenam Suri

The purpose of this paper is to explore the health effects and safety aspects regarding the consumption of energy drink (ED).


Optimization of spray drying conditions for the production of quality ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.) fruit powder

Sonika Pandey, Amrita Poonia, Suman Rai

To overcome the need of seasonal fruit ber, consumers prefer to use fruits in such a form that can be prepared easily or consumed instantly. By transforming them into powders…

Gaps in food security, food consumption and malnutrition in households residing along the baobab belt in Kenya

Dorah Kwamboka Momanyi, Willis O. Owino, Anselimo Makokha, Esther Evang, Habte Tsige, Michael Krawinkel

This paper aims to describe food insecurity status, food consumption patterns of households and nutritional status of families residing along the baobab belt in Kitui and Kilifi…

A review on the hypoglycemic properties of selected non-leafy vegetables in Malaysia

Seok-Tyug Tan, Seok-Shin Tan

Non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancers and cardiovascular diseases have become a major health concern globally. As literature claims that…

The motivations that define eating patterns in some Mediterranean countries

Raquel Guiné, Ana Cristina Ferrão, Manuela Ferreira, Paula Correia, Ana Paula Cardoso, João Duarte, Ivana Rumbak, Abdel-Moneim Shehata, Elena Vittadini, Maria Papageorgiou

This study to investigate several issues related to food choice and consumption patterns in different countries, including health-related factors; economic and availability…

Assessment of quality of information available over the internet about vegan diet

Olivia Genevieve El Jassar, Isobel Nadia El Jassar, Evangelos I. Kritsotakis

This paper aims to assess the quality of health information available to patients seeking online advice about the vegan diet.

Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) flowers: review on processing and biological properties

Alok Mishra, Amrita Poonia

This paper aims to review the recent advances in processing and utilization of Madhuca longifolia flowers to address its potential as an industrial ingredient.

Food packaging and nanotechnology: safeguarding consumer health and safety

Samuel Ayofemi Olalekan Adeyeye

Nanotechnology as an emerging area if adequately harnessed could revolutionise food packaging and food processing industry worldwide. Although several benefits of nano-materials…


Development of a HACCP-based approach to control risk factors associated with biscuit manufacturing plant, Bangladesh

Suvasish Das Shuvo, Md. Shahariea Karim Josy, Rashida Parvin, Md. Ashrafuzzaman Zahid, Dipak Kumar Paul, Md. Toufiq Elahi

The purpose of this study is to develop a hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP)-based approach to control risk factors associated with biscuit manufacturing plant.

The impact of raw fermented milk products on perceived health and mood among Dutch adults

Ton Baars, Catharina Berge, Johan Garssen, Joris Verster

The purpose of this paper was to evaluate health conditions prior to and at least two months after the start of consuming raw fermented milk (RFM) products.

Shelf life study of handmade and industrially processed Minas frescal cheese

Thamiris Evangelista Silva, Priscila Alonso dos Santos, Thamara Evangelista Silva, Kamilla Soares Silva, André Luiz Borges Machado, Lismaíra Gonçalves Caixeta Garcia

The purpose of this study is to characterize and compare the results of the inspection mark of handmade and industrially processed Minas frescal cheese. It is one of the most…

Phytochemicals derived from soya bean husk exert hypoglycemic and anti-adipogenic properties in cell culture models

Seok-Tyug Tan, Amin Ismail, Muhajir Hamid, Pei-Pei Chong, Jian Sun, Seok-Shin Tan

Literature has shown that phenolic acids and flavonoids are bearing with hypoglycemic and anti-adipogenic properties. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the possibility of…

Perceptions and reasons for legume consumption in Mexico

Adriana Monge, Lorena Macias, Hannia Campos, Martin Lajous, Josiemer Mattei

Legume consumption has decreased in Mexico as part of a global nutrition transition that has shifted the intake of healthy traditional foods to more processed unhealthy foods…

How label and nutritional claims affect consumers’ acceptance, buying intention and quality perception toward a beverage made from cashew nut

Marina Cabral Rebouças, Maria do Carmo Passos Rodrigues, Silvia Maria de Freitas

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the influence of the front of a package label and the nutritional claims linked to it over consumers’ expectations as to acceptance…

Okara flour: its physicochemical, microscopical and functional properties

Daiane Costa dos Santos, Josemar Gonçalves de Oliveira Filho, Jhessika de Santana Silva, Milena Figueiredo de Sousa, Marcio da Silva Vilela, Marco Antonio Pereira da Silva, Ailton Cesar Lemes, Mariana Buranelo Egea

Okara, which is the residue of hydrosoluble extract from soybean obtained after soymilk and tofu production, has high nutritional value and can be used for ingredient in specific…

Cottage cheese in a diet – a review

Victor Pozzobon, Clément Pozzobon

Cottage is a protein-rich food which is commonly consumed by people targeting weight reduction and athletes willing to eat whole-food instead of protein supplements. Yet out of…

Effects of milk proteins supplementation on muscle protein synthesis: A systematic review with meta-analysis

Milena Casagranda, Priscila Berti Zanella, Alexandra Ferreira Vieira, Rodrigo Cauduro Oliveira Macedo

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the acute effect of milk proteins supplementation, compared to another nitrogen compound on muscle protein synthesis.

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