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Polysaccharide-based component and their relevance in edible film/coating: a review

Nishant Kumar, Neeraj

The purpose of this paper is to present an overview of functional properties of the polysaccharide-based component and their application in developing edible film and coating for…


A review on nutritional profile of the food from enset: A staple diet for more than 25 per cent population in Ethiopia

Solomon Workneh Fanta, Satheesh Neela

This paper is a systemic review on enset plant’s role in Ethiopian people’s life as the source of food. This paper aims to summarize the traditional processing and preparation…

Fermented rice bran extract improves blood pressure and glucose in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

Ardiansyah, Wahyudi David, Dody Dwi Handoko, Bram Kusbiantoro, Slamet Budijanto, Hitoshi Shirakawa

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the in vitro and in vivo effects of three varieties of Indonesian fermented rice bran (RB) (Inpari 6, Inpari 30 and Inpara 1).

Effect of pomegranate seed oil on the expression of PPAR-γ and pro-inflammatory biomarkers in obese type 2 diabetic patients

Yaser Khajebishak, Laleh Payahoo, Hamed Hamishehkar, Mohammadreza Alivand, Mahdieh Alipour, Mohammad Solhi, Beitullah Alipour

Diabetes is one of the most prevailed chronic diseases in the world. Pro-inflammatory cytokines play a key role in the type 2 diabetes mellitus. Pomegranate seed oil (PSO) has…

Nuances of microalgal technology in food and nutraceuticals: a review

Prashant Sahni, Poonam Aggarwal, Savita Sharma, Baljit Singh

The purpose of this paper is to acquaint the readers with the insights regarding the interventions of microalgal technology for production of metabolites and functional…

An overview of fish drying kinetics

Samuel Ayofemi Olalekan Adeyeye

Fishes are important sources of good and high-quality protein in developing countries. Spoilage and keeping quality of fish especially in the tropics is temperature dependence as…

Polyphenol intakes and risk of impaired lipid profile, elevated hepatic enzymes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Mehrnaz Nikkhah-Bodaghi, Matin Ghanavati, Azita Hekmatdoost

Polyphenols are plant-derived bioactive compounds with some known hepato-protective effects. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the association between polyphenol…

Active film incorporated with clove essential oil on storage of banana varieties

Heloísa Alves de Figueiredo Sousa, Josemar Gonçalves de Oliveira Filho, Mariana Buranelo Egea, Edilsa Rosa da Silva, Dirceu Macagnan, Marcio Pires, José Peixoto

Banana is an important tropical fruit with high demand in the market. The ripe fruits are less resistant to transport making logistics difficult. Moreover, as a climacteric fruit…

Comparative study on nutritional composition of fish available in Portugal

Ivone Marques, Goreti Botelho, Raquel Guiné

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest eating patterns and relies much on the regular consumption of fish, which is a source of unsaturated fatty acids, protein, vitamins…

Exploring indigenous fermented foods of India for the presence of lactic acid bacteria

Joshita Lamba, Sangeeta Goomer, Lata Nain

The Indian diet is rich in all the essential nutrients required for the well-being of human life. Probiotics have always been part of our traditional diet but microbiota of…

Effects of food additives on gut microbiota: friend or foe?

Elif Inan-Eroglu, Aylin Ayaz

Recent evidence suggests that especially processed foods may lead to undesirable metabolic effects in gut microbiota. The emulsifiers and artificial sweeteners that are added to…

The role of melatonin supplement in metabolic syndrome: A randomized double blind clinical trial

Mina Bahrami, Makan Cheraghpour, Sima Jafarirad, Pejman Alavinejad, Bahman Cheraghian

Metabolic syndrome contains metabolic disorders that have association with other chronic diseases. Melatonin is a bioactive compound which is found in plants and also produced in…

Genetically modified and biofortified crops and food security in developing countries: A review

Samuel Ayofemi Olalekan Adeyeye, Folake Idowu-Adebayo

In recent times, science and technology has taken a front seat in revolutionizing agricultural production and food processing globally with noticeable impact on food, nutrition…

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