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Dietary habit and other lifestyles and serum lipid profile of type 2 diabetes patients: A systematic review

Prince Chikwere, Reginald Adjetey Annan

– The purpose of this paper was to review evidence spanning the relation of dietary habits and other lifestyles to the lipid profile of type 2 diabetes patients.

Antioxidant potential of phenolic-rich two varieties of Nigerian local rice and their anti-cholinesterase activities after in vitro digestion

S. O. Salawu, O. F. Alao, O. F. Faloye, A. A. Akindahunsi, A. A. Boligon, M. L. Athayde

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the antioxidant properties of two phenolic-rich varieties of Nigerian local rice and their anti-cholinesterase potential after in vitro

Olive or salmon oils affect differently the storage and transport of fatty acids by VLDL in hypercholesterolemic rats fed different proteins

Sherazede Bouderbala, Malika Bouchenak

– The purpose of this study is to compare the effect of olive or salmon oil on the hepatic storage and transport of fatty acids by very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL).

Food labels – status and consumers’ attitude on the Serbian food market

Ilija Djekic, Nada Smigic

– This paper aims to present results from a research that analyzed the quality of labels available in the Serbian food market and consumers’ attitudes toward food labels.

Camel milk: alternative milk for human consumption and its health benefits

Devendra Kumar, Akhilesh K. Verma, Manish Kumar Chatli, Raghvendar Singh, Pavan Kumar, Nitin Mehta, Om Prakash Malav

Camel as a livestock plays an important role in desert ecosystem and its milk has potential contribution in human nutrition in the hot and arid regions of the world. This milk…


Extracts of red peppers: antioxidant activity and sensory evaluation

Neuza Jorge, Carolina Médici Veronezi, Danusa Cassiano Pereira

This study aims to deal with the evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of lyophilized hydroalcoholic extracts of red peppers in natura. Furthermore, preference was evaluated for…


Essential amino acids profile of differentially processed soy products and their efficiency in meeting daily requirement

Vineet Kumar, Anita Rani, Lulua Hussain

In the backdrop of declining per capita availability of pulses, soybean is the alternate source to address protein deficiency in India. The study aims to assess the efficiency of…


Quality characteristics and chemical safety of fried and smoked West Africa Ilisha (Ilisha africana) from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Samuel Ayofemi Olalekan Adeyeye, Olusola Bandele Oyewole, Adewale Olusegun Obadina, Adebukunola M Omemu, Hakeem A Oyedele

This study aims to assess and compare the quality and safety of street-vended, ready-to-eat fried and smoked West African Ilisha fish from the major markets in Ibadan, Oyo State…

The influence of traditional stir-frying with oil on acceptability, antioxidant activities, nutrients, and the phytic acid content of fermented soybean (tempeh)

Budhi Setiawan, Sandeep Kumar Thamtam, Ignasius Radix AP Jati, Ratna Chrismiari Purwestri, Donatus Nohr, Hans Konrad Biesalski

The purpose of this paper was to investigate the acceptability of processed tempeh and the effect of stir-frying on uncooked tempeh composition, total phenolic content (TPC)…

Adherence to the Mediterranean diet in a Lebanese sample

Antoine G. Farhat, Doris Jaalouk, Serine Francis

The relationship between adherence to a Mediterranean diet and reduced mortality or a lower incidence of major chronic diseases has been widely studied. The purpose of this study…

Analysis of dietary minerals in selected seeds and nuts by using ICP-OES and assessment based on the recommended daily intakes

Mustafa Gülfen, Abdil Özdemir

Seeds and nuts include many dietary minerals as well as trace metals. It is very important to determine the nutritional mineral values in seeds and nuts. Many minerals can be…

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