Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 45 Issue 3


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Development of cost effective soya extended whey incorporated chicken meat nuggets

Veer Pal Singh, Vikas Pathak, Narendra Kumar Nayak, Sanjay Kumar Bharti

This purpose of this paper was to conduct a study with an aim to reduce the cost of chicken nuggets by replacing part of lean meat with soy flakes. The suitability of chilled…

Sweet and sour: music and taste associations

Maija Kontukoski, Harri Luomala, Bruno Mesz, Mariano Sigman, Marcos Trevisan, Minna Rotola-Pukkila, Anu Inkeri Hopia

This paper aims to extend current understanding concerning the cross-modal correspondences between sounds and tastes by introducing new research tools and experimental data to…


Exploring the quality of European dietetic practice placements

Anastasia Markaki, Aspasia Spyridaki, Vasiliki Chatzi, Sofie Joossens, Anne de Looy

– The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the quality of dietetic practice placements in European higher education institutions (HEIs).


Studies on effect of irradiation on functional properties of two ready-to-drink appetizer beverages and their shelf lives

Dadasaheb D Wadikar, C.R. Vasudish, K.S. Premavalli

The purposes of this paper are to extend the shelf life of juice/fluids and reduce the thermal damage of their functional components. Thermal processing is a universal method used…

Malnutrition and associated risk factors among elderly living in Lebanese community homes

Jacqueline Doumit

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between nutritional status and associated risk factors such as:, socio-economic, physical, pathological and psychological…

Lipid profile and prevalence of dyslipidemia in urban women of Jaipur district, Rajasthan, India

Aachu Agrawal, Kanika Varma, Rajeev Gupta

The purpose of this study is to investigate the lipid profile and prevalence of dyslipidemia, as serum lipid levels have a major contribution in the development of cardiovascular…

Drumstick (Moringa Oleifera) as a food additive in livestock products

Tarun Pal Singh, Parminder Singh, Pavan Kumar

The purpose of this paper is to focus on natural food additives identified in the drumstick (Moringa Oleifera) and their probable application as novel ingredients in the…

Effect of sumac spice, Turkish coffee and yerba mate tea on the postprandial glycemic response to Lebanese mankoucheh

Krystel Haydamous Kahale, Carole Tranchant, Sarah Pakzad, Antoine G. Farhat

The aim of this study was to evaluate the individual effect of sumac (S), Turkish coffee (C) and yerba mate tea (Y) on the postprandial glycemic response to Lebanese mankoucheh, a…

Differential antioxidative and hypocholesterolemic responses to two fish protein hydrolysates (Sardina pilchardus and Boops boops) in cholesterol-fed rats

Souhila Benomar, Sanaa Yahia, Faiza Dehiba, Natalia Guillen, Maria Jesús Rodriguez-Yoldi, Jesús Osada, Ahmed Boualga

– The purpose of this study was to evaluate the antioxidant and hypocholesterolemic activities of sardine and bogue protein hydrolysates in cholesterol-fed rats.

Stability of beverages of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) with soy

Cátia Nara Tobaldini Frizon, Camila Augusto Perussello, José Alfredo Sturion, Aline Francielle Fracasso, Rosemary Hoffmann-Ribani

Forasmuch as the consumer’s demand for food products that provide nutrition and health benefits has considerably increased in the past decade, the authors decided to join two…

Anti-diabetic effect of dandelion leaves and roots in type two diabetic patients: A systematic review

Ishawu Iddrisu, Ibok Oduro, Marina Aferiba Tandoh, Reginald Adjetey Annan

The purpose of this paper was to synthesis all primary evidence relevant to the anti-diabetic effect of dandelion. Dandelion leaf and root have been used extensively for its…

Oxidation of olive oil fortified with quercetin, caffeic acid, tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol

Anne Kristine Etherton, Stanley T. Omaye

– This paper aims to evaluate effects of the fortification of polyphenolic compound mixtures of quercetin, caffeic acid, tryrosol and hydroxytyrosol in olive oil oxidation.

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