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Evaluation of color and textural properties of chicken meat momos

Tanuja Singh, Vikas Pathak, Arun Verma, Rajkumar Vincentraju, Meena Goswami, Veer Singh

– The aim of the present study was to evaluate the textural, color, sensory and microbiological properties of meat momos.

Nutritional quality evaluation of surimi and kamaboko obtained from mechanically separated chicken meat

William Renzo Cortez-Vega, Sandriane Pizato, Carlos Prentice

The purpose of this paper was to determine the nutritional quality of the surimi and kamaboko obtained from mechanically separated chicken meat and evaluate the bioavailability of…

The health benefits of whole grains and fibre

Carrie Ruxton, Emma Derbyshire

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the latest mounting evidence reporting associations between the important role of whole grains and fibre in lowering the risk of chronic…


School-based nutrition education: features and challenges for success

Mojisola D. Kupolati, Una E. MacIntyre, Gerda J. Gericke

The aim of this review is to critically assess published articles on school-based nutrition education (NE) intervention to identify factors hindering or contributing to the…


Development and evaluation of quality characteristics of egg balls: A convenient ready to eat snack product

Meena Goswami, Vikas Pathak, Sanjay Bharti, Veer Singh, Tanuja Singh, Abhishek Sengar

– The present study was aimed to enhance the nutritional quality of veg bottle gourd balls by incorporating boiled mashed egg replacing bottle guard in the formulation of batter.

Efficacy of processing treatments on cypermethrin residues in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)

Vidisha Tomer, Jasvinder Kaur Sangha, Balwinder Singh, Reenu Takkar

This paper aims to study the effect of different processing treatments to reduce cypermethrin residues in okra and judge the consumer preferences of the applied unit operations…


Proximate and mineral composition of some selected coldwater fishes of upland Himalaya

Debajit Sarma, M. S. Akhtar, Partha Das, Puspita Das, Ganesh Gadiya, Neetu Shahi, A. Ciji

The present study aims to determine the proximate and mineral composition of important coldwater food fishes in the North Eastern Indian upland region to assess their nutritional…


Composition of commercially produced organic and conventional strawberries

Tõnu Tõnutare, Kati Keert, Lech Szajdak, Ulvi Moor

The purpose of this study was to determine differences in taste-related and bioactive compounds of organically (OR) and conventionally (CONV) cultivated commercially produced…

Texturization of deoiled cake of sunflower, soybean and flaxseed into food grade meal and its utilization in preparation of cookies

Suresh Bhise, A. Kaur, Preeti Ahluwali, S. S. Thind

The purpose of the present study was to plan with the objectives to optimize and find out the best level of texturized protein from sunflower, soybean and flaxseed on the basis of…

Nutraceutical olive oil: does it make the difference?

Leonardo Casini, Caterina Contini, Nicola Marinelli, Caterina Romano, Gabriele Scozzafava

The purpose of this paper is to verify the market potentials of health claims by means of a study that tests the effectiveness of extra-virgin olive oil promotion based on the…

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