Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 40 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Micronutrients

Guest Editors: Mabel Blades

Effects of low vitamin D status in rickets and type 1 diabetes in children

D. Papandreou, Z. Karabouta, I. Rousso

This paper aims to review the metabolism, epidemiology and treatment of vitamin D and calcium insufficiency as well as its relation to rickets and diabetes type 1 during childhood…


Vitamin C and urea inhibit the formation of advanced glycation end products in vitro

A.H. Subratty, N. Aukburally, V. Jowaheer, N. Joonus

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are continuously formed in the body during normal metabolism and ageing through a non‐enzymatic glycosylation reaction between proteins and…

Dietary diversity as an indicator of micronutrient adequacy of the diet of five to eight year old Indian rural children

Varsha Rani, Denisse E. Arends, Inge D. Brouwer

Measures of dietary diversity are relatively simple and associated with nutrient adequacy and nutritional status. The aim of this study is to validate dietary diversity score…

Effect of supplementation of micronutrient fortified biscuits on haemoglobin and serum iron levels of adolescent girls from Jaipur city, India

Anuradha Goyle, Shyam Prakash

Iron deficiency anaemia is widely prevalent amongst women and children in India. The aim of the paper is to study the effect of supplementation of micronutrient fortified biscuits…


Effect of phytic acid on iron bioavailability in fortified infant cereals

Sedef Nehir El, Sibel Karakaya, Şebnem Şimşek

Iron deficiency is an important nutritional problem that affects approximately 20 percent of world's population and especially infants. The aim of this paper is to determine the…

Does adult calcium intake influence body composition? A review

Emma Derbyshire

Emerging evidence indicates that there may be a link between calcium intake and body composition . However, few review papers to date appear to collate this information. This…


Effects of cooking methods and processing stages on vitamin C in traditional Lebanese meals

Antoine G. Farhat, Talar M. Fossian

Lebanese meals rich in vitamin C are taken for granted to contain this vitamin without consideration of its losses during the cooking and storing processes. This paper aims to…

Bioactivity of Iranian medicinal plants against Yersinia enterocolitica

Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti, Arian Asadpoor, Behzad Hamedi, Ahmad Reza Golparvar

Plant materials continue to play a major role in primary health care as therapeutic remedies in many developing countries. Medicinal herbs contain physiologically active…


Carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals of Camelina sativa seed

J. Zubr

Production of oil from Camelina sativa seed (CS) by pressing yields a by‐product in the form of press cakes (PC). The PC were traditionally used as ingredient in fodder for…

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