Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 40 Issue 3


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The nutritional properties and health benefits of eggs

C.H.S. Ruxton, E. Derbyshire, S. Gibson

Advice about the role of eggs in the diet has changed several times over the decades. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate published evidence reporting associations between…


Nutritional evaluation of Ficus thonningii‐Panicum maximum mixtures in West African dwarf goats

Musibau Adungbe Bamikole, Uamai Julius Ikhatua

The realization of the importance of browse in meeting the nutritional needs of ruminants in the dry season in the tropics has put a serious pressure on the already known browse…


Children's understandings of mediated health campaigns for childhood obesity

Melanie Babooram, Barbara Ann Mullan, Louise Sharpe

The purpose of this paper is to investigate children's understandings of the intent and importance of current media initiatives designed to target childhood obesity…


Modified atmosphere packaging and storage on sensory characteristics of ready‐to‐bake pizza

Preeti Singh, Gyanendra Kumar Goyal

Consumer's demand for fresh, naturally preserved, food products has grown dramatically in recent years. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) has proved to be most innovative growth…

Assessing the home food environment nutrient supply using mobile barcode (Universal Product Code) scanning technology

Carol Byrd‐Bredbenner, Carl A. Bredbenner

Mobile Universal Product Code (UPC), or barcode, scanning technology provides an efficient, accurate and comprehensive method for conducting home food inventories intended to…

Enhancing stability of lactic acid bacteria and probiotics by Williopsis saturnus var. saturnus in fermented milks

Shao‐Quan Liu, Marlene Tsao

There is a need to improve stability of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and probiotics in fermented milks especially at elevated temperatures. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate…

Comparative consumer acceptability and food utilization analysis of three maize varieties

J.L. Martins, I.A. Jideani, I.Z. Yusuf, F. Tahir

The purpose of this paper is to compare food utilization of quality protein maize (QPM) to other maize varieties.


Promoting breastfeeding through drama: a preliminary study

Barbara Whelan, John M. Kearney

Ireland has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in Europe with exclusive breastfeeding rates of 44 per cent at discharge from hospital. Increased awareness and debate on…


Hypocholesterolemic effect of teent (Capparis decidua) in hyperlipidemic obese adults

Rajni Goyal, Rajbala Grewal

An elevated level of cholesterol in blood is quite common nowadays. People are becoming more health conscious. The purpose of this paper is to study the hypocholesterolemic effect…



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