Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 35 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Obesity

Guest Editors: Dr Mabel Blades

Healthy lifestyle project for overweight and obese children: a pilot study

Mary Tyers

To describe a year‐long pilot programme, based at a leisure centre combining access to a modified version of the existing “Physical Activity Referral Scheme” (“Exercise on…


Effects of an over‐the‐counter herbal weight management product (Zotrim®) on weight and waist circumference in a sample of overweight women: a consumer study

C.H.S. Ruxton, F. Hinton, C.E.L. Evans

Aims to carry out a consumer intervention study to evaluate the impact of an over‐the‐counter herbal weight management product (Zotrim®) on weight and waist circumference.

Predictors of physician overweight and obesity in the USA: an empiric analysis

John La Puma, Philippe Szapary, Kevin C. Maki

Because patients are more likely to follow advice from healthy weight rather than overweight physicians, seeks to determine whether physician overweight could be predicted by…


Modern diets converging: the move to low GI/GR diets

Shane Landon

An abundance of diets advocating various different ways of losing weight have been covered in the media. This article aims to examine the latest trends and to look at how the…


Low levels of cholesterol/saturated fat index (CSI) in a Japanese–Brazilian diet

Elizabeth Aparecida Ferraz da Silva Torres, Geni Rodrigues Sampaio, Cláudia Moreira Nery Castellucci, Edeli Simioni de Abreu, Marly Augusto Cardoso

Differences in dietary patterns constitute a major component of the environmental changes experienced by immigrant populations, and have been associated with several diseases with…


Diet, lifestyle factors and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Katie L. Oliver, G. Jill Davies

The aim of this study is to investigate the prevalence of appetite‐related, emotional and physical symptoms in a group of menstruating females.


Nutritional profiling vs guideline daily amounts as a means of helping consumers make appropriate food choices

Gaynor Bussell

To distinguish between the use of Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) for labelling purposes and traffic‐light labelling and to demonstrate the advantages of GDAs over traffic lights.


Functional foods and nutraceuticals in the management of obesity

Gursevak S. Kasbia

With a global increase in the prevalence of obesity, nutrition and exercise play a key role in its prevention and treatment. Natural product (nutraceutical) interventions are…


The potential role of peanuts in the prevention of obesity

Jennette Higgs

To provide an overview of recent research that collectively demonstrates the potential for peanuts as an aid to weight management.


Waist to height ratio and the Ashwell® shape chart could predict the health risks of obesity in adults and children in all ethnic groups

Margaret Ashwell OBE

To outline the benefits of the ratio of the waist to height ratio (WHTR) and its graphical representation in the Ashwell® shape chart for the assessment of the health risks of…

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