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Improvement in cooking quality of soybean (glycine max) by presoaking treatment with enzyme (lipase) solution

Neelam Khetarpaul, Renu Garg, Rajni Goyal

Presoaking treatment of partially defatted soy dhal in water or enzyme (lipase) solution for one, two and four hours decreased the cooking time substantially. When soy dhal was…


Contents and digestibility of carbohydrates of ricebean and fababean as affected by simple inexpensive processing methods

K. Saharan, N. Khetarpaul, S. Bishnoi

Ricebean (RB‐32) contained significantly (p < 0.05) higher amounts of total soluble (5.6g/100g) and non‐reducing sugars (5.0g/100g) than fababean (VH‐82‐1). On the other hand, the…


Optimisation of the utilisation of cashew apple in yogurt production

S.O. Aroyeun

Cashew apple was used as a nutritional additive in the production of yogurt. The yogurt so produced (CAY‐A) had a higher vitamin C content of 53.70g/100ml than both samples B and…


Legumes and grains are important sources of selenium in the Mauritian vegetarian diet

A.H. Subratty, A. Seebhujun, N. Khadaroo, A. Fakira‐Jhurry, C. Reesaul, F.B.H. Gunny

This article focuses on the selenium (Se) content of 29 legumes and grains available in Mauritius. Selenium was determined using an ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometric method…


Efficacy of Zotrim: a herbal weight loss preparation

C.H.S. Ruxton

A consumer survey was undertaken to test the efficacy of Zotrim, a herbal preparation commercially available as an over the counter weight loss aid. A total of 48 subjects…


Physical fitness and health‐related parameters in Flemish life‐long vegetarians: a pilot study

Peter Clarys, Peter Deriemaeker, Marcel Hebbelinck, David Bosmans, Bjorn Bertier

This study was designed to assess the physical fitness and health status in 36 life‐long vegetarians. Besides a general questionnaire a dietary diary was completed and several…

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