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The influence of nutrition knowledge on eating behavior – the role of grade level

Mahshid Pirouznia

Eating behaviors of children and adolescents are important in establishing adults’ preferences and behaviors. Nutrition knowledge is one of the factors that could influence an…


Conference review: nutrition and health in younger women

Sara Stanner

A recent national survey raised concern about the diets and lifestyle habits of young women. Whilst nutrient intakes among the younger groups were generally adequate, some girls…


Factors affecting what we eat

Mabel Blades

The article provides a brief overview of the influences on what people eat. It also briefly details the socio‐cultural groups used by researchers. Initiatives to improve the…


Tea as a protective agent in cardiovascular health

Simon Langley‐Evans

Tea is one of the most popular and widely consumed beverages in the world. This product of Camellia sinensis is a rich source of polyphenolic flavonoids. These agents are known to…


Industry labelling guidelines for allergens and food safety advice

Michèle Sadler, Sue Gatenby

Two sets of voluntary labelling guidelines for the food industry have been developed under the auspices of IGD. Voluntary Labelling Guidelines for Food Allergens and Gluten are…


Injured bacteria in foods

Linda Everis

Food can contain a variety of micro‐organisms such as the bacteria Salmonella and E. coli and the yeasts and moulds. The presence of micro‐organisms in foodstuffs can affect both…


Effect of fortification on the compositional and sensory attributes of cowpea‐amala

O.A. Ashay, S.B. Fasoyiro, R.O. Lawal

Cowpea‐amala was produced from yam flour and cowpea flour blends. Cowpea flour substitution was at 0, 10 per cent, 20 per cent and 40 per cent. All fortified samples showed better…


Selenium and thyroid hormone metabolism

Nurhan Ünüsan

Selenium is an essential trace element for both men and animals at lower concentrations and has toxic effects at higher concentrations. The element’s essentiality was first…

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