Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 30 Issue 3


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Food and nutrition in the twenty‐first century curriculum

Stephanie Valentine

An evaluation of the role of food and nutrition in the school curriculum, following the recent review of the national curriculum. Opportunities in science, design and technology…


Diet and fertility

Mabel Blades

Being under‐ or overweight is a factor which affects women’s fertility. Zinc and folic acid are believed to be vital nutrients in human reproduction. The other factors which can…


Assessment of the dietary intakes of healthy adult pregnant women in Cyprus

M. Hassapidou, Natali Papadopoulou

Nutritional status and health in pregnancy are a very important matter. Several studies have shown the importance of nutrition in prenatal development. Maternal nutrition…


The role of traditional cereal/legume/fruit‐based multimixes in weaning in developing countries

Paul Amuna, Francis Zotor, Sam Sumar, Yvonne Tswelelo Chinyanga

The weaning period is a crucial stage in the growth and development of the infant and child. The timing of weaning, the choice of foods, their methods of preparation, and how…


Dietitians and caterers: an uncertain but critical relationship

Anne Donelan

Within health care, the occupations of catering officer and dietitian stem from the same root – nursing. However, despite this common base, dietitians have recorded working…


Nutritional evaluation of home‐prepared soy‐corn milk – a protein beverage

Olusola Omueti, E.B. Oguntona, Olayinka Jaiyeola, O.A. Ashaye

Freshly‐blanched soybean seeds, mixed with grains of freshly‐harvested green field maize were combined, in ratios of 5:1 (A), 4:1 (B), 3:1 (C); 2:1 (D), 1:0 (E) and 0:1 (F), to…


Effect of pressure and solar cooking on phytic acid and polyphenol content of cowpeas

Mamta Pasrija, Darshan Punia

Both pressure cooking and solar cooking significantly reduced the phytic acid and polyphenol content of cowpea cultivars. A significantly greater reduction in the content of both…


Autism: an interesting dietary case history

Mabel Blades

Briefly reviews the case history of dietary intervention in the case of a six‐year‐old boy with a diagnosis of autism. Identifying food intolerances to milk and gluten, and the…

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