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Table Of Contents: Volume 75 Issue 2

Informatics for cultural heritage instruction: an ontological framework

Sonia Yaco, Arkalgud Ramaprasad

The purpose of this paper is to suggest a framework that creates a common language to enhance the connection between the domains of cultural heritage (CH) artifacts and…

Becoming a scholar by publication – PhD students citing in interdisciplinary argumentation

Eystein Gullbekk, Katriina Byström

The purpose of this paper is to analyse scholarly subjectivity in the context of citation practices in interdisciplinary PhD research.

Metadata categorization for identifying search patterns in a digital library

Tessel Bogaard, Laura Hollink, Jan Wielemaker, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Lynda Hardman

For digital libraries, it is useful to understand how users search in a collection. Investigating search patterns can help them to improve the user interface, collection…

Building a bibliographic hierarchy for manga through the aggregation of institutional and hobbyist descriptions

Senan Kiryakos, Shigeo Sugimoto

Multiple studies have illustrated that the needs of various users seeking descriptive bibliographic data for pop culture resources (e.g. manga, anime, video games) have…

A transitional approach to the study of the information behavior of domestic migrant workers

Jenny Bronstein

The purpose of this paper is to examine the life stories of migrant workers in Israel by analyzing different aspects of the information behavior that emerged from their…

Collaboration in a distributed research program

Magdalena Haman, Morten Hertzum

Researchers need to collaborate to address grand challenges such as climate change, poverty and sustainable food production. The purpose of this paper is to investigate…

“Ethnographic” thematic phenomenography

Marc Forster

The workplace is a context of increasing interest in information literacy research, if not necessarily the most visible (Cheuk, 2017). Several studies have described…

Bibliometric differences – a case study in bibliometric evaluation across SSH and STEM

Poul Meier Melchiorsen

The purpose of this paper is to acknowledge that there are bibliometric differences between Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) vs Science, Technology, Engineering and…

Let’s get personal: the little nudge that improves document retrieval in the Cloud

Ofer Bergman, Steve Whittaker, Yaron Frishman

State-of-the-art cloud applications are problematic for collaborative document management; their current design does not encourage active personal folder categorization…

Making it tangible: hybrid card sorting within qualitative interviews

Lettie Y. Conrad, Virginia M. Tucker

Qualitative researchers and information practitioners often investigate questions that probe the underlying mental models, nuanced perspectives, emotions and experiences…

The information behaviours of maximum security prisoners

Cheryl Canning, Steven Buchanan

The purpose of this paper is to advance the understanding of the information behaviours of prisoners, providing insight into their information needs and…

How the information use environment influences search activities

Sophie Rutter, Paul David Clough, Elaine G. Toms

The information use environment (IUE) – the context within which the search activity takes place – is critical to understanding the search process as this will affect how…



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