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Table Of Contents: Volume 74 Issue 5

The modes of music information in a compositional process: a case study

Ulla Pohjannoro, Antti Mikael Rousi

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate an actual compositional process that entails a diversity of music information modes and describe the way these modes contribute…

Factors influencing the data sharing behavior of researchers in sociology and political science

Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen, Esra Akdeniz, Alexia Katsanidou, Verena Naßhoven, Ebru Balaban

Open data and data sharing should improve transparency of research. The purpose of this paper is to investigate how different institutional and individual factors affect…

Situational relevance of music information modes

Antti Mikael Rousi, Reijo Savolainen, Maaria Harviainen, Pertti Vakkari

The purpose of this paper is to elaborate the picture of situational relevance of music information from a performing musician’s point of view by delving into its diverse…

Analyzing anime users’ online forum queries for recommendation using content analysis

Hyerim Cho, Marc L. Schmalz, Stephen A. Keating, Jin Ha Lee

The purpose of this paper is to improve the understanding of relevant information features for users seeking anime recommendations.

Pioneering models for information interaction in the context of information seeking and retrieval

Reijo Savolainen

The purpose of this paper is to clarify the conceptual issues of information behaviour research by reviewing the approaches to information interaction in the context of…

The creativity of authors in defining the concept of information

Paolo Rocchi, Andrea Resca

The concept of information is central to several fields of research and professional practice. So many definitions have been put forward that complete inventory is…

From informational reading to information literacy

Anna Hampson Lundh, Mats Dolatkhah, Louise Limberg

The purpose of this paper is to historicise research conducted in the fields of Information Seeking and Learning and Information Literacy and thereby begin to outline a…

Defining transparency movements

Jan Michael Nolin

A multitude of transparency movements have been developed and grown strong in recent decades. Despite their growing influence, scholarly studies have focused on individual…

Exploring the everyday life information needs and the socio-cultural adaptation barriers of Syrian refugees in Scotland

Konstantina Martzoukou, Simon Burnett

This paper presents the research findings of the “Syrian New Scots’ Information Literacy Way-finding practices” research project, funded by the Information Literacy Group…

Mining user queries with information extraction methods and linked data

Anne Chardonnens, Ettore Rizza, Mathias Coeckelbergs, Seth van Hooland

Advanced usage of web analytics tools allows to capture the content of user queries. Despite their relevant nature, the manual analysis of large volumes of user queries is…

Community participation in the management of palm leaf manuscripts as Lanna cultural material in Thailand

Piyapat Jarusawat, Andrew Cox, Jo Bates

The cultural heritage of the Lanna region of upper Northern Thailand is unique. One of its distinctive features is palm leaf manuscripts (PLMs), which are viewed…



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