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What does it mean to adopt a metadata standard? A case study of Omeka and the Dublin Core

Deborah Maron, Melanie Feinberg

The purpose of this paper is to employ a case study of the Omeka content management system to demonstrate how the adoption and implementation of a metadata standard (in this case…


The relationship between students’ subject preferences and their information behaviour

Andrew D. Madden, Sheila Webber, Nigel Ford, Mary Crowder

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between preferred choice of school subject and student information behaviour (IB).


Air pollution online: everyday environmental information on the social media site Sina Weibo

Carin Graminius, Jutta Haider

The purpose of this paper is to explore how information on air pollution is shaped online on an everyday basis, with a particular emphasis on digital devices and digital…

Social media as a vehicle for user engagement with local history: A case study in the North East of Scotland

Caroline Hood, Peter Reid

The purpose of this paper is to examine issues associated with user engagement on social media with local history in the North East of Scotland and to focus on a case study of the…


Data rescue archive weather (DRAW): Preserving the complexity of historical climate data

Eun G. Park, Gordon Burr, Victoria Slonosky, Renee Sieber, Lori Podolsky

To rescue at-risk historical scientific data stored at the McGill Observatory, the objectives of the Data Rescue Archive Weather (DRAW) project are: to build a repository; to…

Developing a model to explore the information seeking behaviour of farmers

M.G.P.P. Mahindarathne, Qingfei Min

Generating an in-depth understanding of information needs and seeking behaviour is important both for restructuring existing agricultural information systems (ISs) and for…


“Natural allies”: Librarians, archivists, and big data in international digital humanities project work

Alex H. Poole, Deborah A. Garwood

In Digging into Data 3 (DID3) (2014-2016), ten funders from four countries (the USA, Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands) granted $5.1 million to 14 project teams to pursue…


Transitions in workplace information practices and culture: The influence of newcomers on information use in healthcare

Anita Nordsteien, Katriina Byström

The purpose of this paper is to empirically investigate how new healthcare professionals engage with information practices and information culture in their workplace, and the…


Long-term community development within a researcher network: A social network analysis of the DREaM project cadre

Hazel Hall, Peter Cruickshank, Bruce Ryan

The purpose of this paper is to report the results from a study that investigated the extent to which an intervention to develop a community of library and information science…

“Systemic Managerial Constraints”: How universities influence the information behaviour of HSS early career academics

Rebekah Willson

The purpose of this paper is to explore the information behaviour of early career academics (ECAs) within humanities and social sciences (HSS) disciplines who are starting their…

Lifeworld as “unit of analysis”

Tim Gorichanaz, Kiersten F. Latham, Elizabeth Wood

The authors discuss the lifeworld as a research concept for the field of information behaviour, which serves to problematise the concept of unit of analysis. In so doing, the…


User conceptualizations of derivative relationships in the bibliographic universe

Kim Tallerås, Jørn Helge B. Dahl, Nils Pharo

Considerable effort is devoted to developing new models for organizing bibliographic metadata. However, such models have been repeatedly criticized for their lack of proper user…

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