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Table Of Contents: Volume 73 Issue 5

Health information practices of young parents

Devon Greyson

Despite societal investment in providing health information to young parents, little is known about the health information practices of young parents themselves. The…

Multilayer document model for semantic document management services

Goran Sladić, Igor Cverdelj-Fogaraši, Stevan Gostojić, Goran Savić, Milan Segedinac, Miroslav Zarić

The purpose of this paper is to identify the benefits of an approach in which document management systems (DMSs) are based on a formal and explicit document model…

Changing styles of informal academic communication in the age of the web

Ahmed Shehata, David Ellis, Allen Edward Foster

The purpose of this paper is to report the findings of a study to investigate the changes in scholarly communication practices among a group of scholars in the UK and…

Information activities as serious leisure within the fanfiction community

Heather Hill, Jen J.L. Pecoskie

Fanfiction communities are actively engaged in creating cultural products. These large online communities have created and developed conventions that guide their solutions…

Collaborative information seeking and expertise seeking: different discourses about similar issues

Morten Hertzum

The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast research on collaborative information seeking (CIS) and expertise seeking (EXS) to identify focal themes, blind spots…

Young people’s conceptions of political information

Lauren N. Smith, David McMenemy

The purpose of this paper is to explore young people’s conceptions of political information. The study sought to identify what political information sources young people…

Information visualization and/as enunciation

Johanna Drucker

A Recent work in information studies re-engages with theories of subject enunciation first developed in the work of twentieth century structuralist and post-structuralist…


Amber L. Cushing, Benjamin R. Cowan

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how non-research users access and use digital surrogates from archival collections via mobile walking tour app. Much of the…

Information grounds as a vehicle for social inclusion of domestic migrant workers in Israel

Jenny Bronstein

Economic adversity, geopolitical, and climate crises leading to the lack of decent and sustainable work are resulting in growing and diverse migratory movements. The…

Information behaviors of elite scholars in the context of academic practice

Nancy Falciani-White

The purpose of this paper is to describe the information behaviors in which scholars regularly engage, in participants’ own words wherever possible, and discuss how those…

A Knowledge Lens for information literacy: conceptual framework and case study

Darin Freeburg

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a Knowledge Lens for information literacy. This lens shifts the focus and potential outcomes of information literacy in three…

Music questions in social Q&A: an analysis of Yahoo! Answers

Morten Hertzum, Pia Borlund

Social question and answer (social Q&A) sites have become a popular tool for obtaining music information. The purpose of this paper is to investigate what users ask about…

Libraries, democracy, information literacy, and citizenship

Johanna Rivano Eckerdal

The purpose of this paper is to advocate and contribute to a more nuanced and discerning argument when ascribing a democratic role to libraries and activities related to…

Information Seeking Motivation Scale development: a self-determination perspective

Ana Dubnjakovic

Using self-determination motivation theory as a theoretical framework, the purpose of this paper is to examine information seeking motivation at the domain level in higher…

Three key affordances for serendipity

Lennart Björneborn

Serendipity is an interesting phenomenon to study in information science as it plays a fundamental – but perhaps underestimated – role in how we discover, explore, and…

New service system as an information-seeking context

Guihua Li, Longlong Wu

The purposes of this paper are to understand the user information seeking (IS) process under a new service system, to explore how users construct strategies and to…



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