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Information literacy: Empowerment or reproduction in practice? A discourse analysis approach

Geoff Walton, Jamie Cleland

The purpose of this paper is to present a qualitative investigation into whether online textual postings, produced by undergraduate students as part of an undergraduate module…


Doing neoliberal things with words in libraries: Toward emending a discourse fashion in LIS

John Buschman

The purpose of this paper is to flesh out a truncated line of analysis in library and information science (LIS) of language analyses of power in the field.


Research status, hotspots and trends for information behavior in China using bibliometric and co-word analysis

Lining Shen, Bing Xiong, Jiming Hu

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the research status and outputs of information behavior in China in order to reveal its in-depth research pattern and trends.


Towards an everyday life information literacy mind-set: a review of literature

Konstantina Martzoukou, Elham Sayyad Abdi

Information literacy (IL) within the everyday life context is regarded as an important condition for civic participation and engagement, informed citizenship, health and…


Toward a unified model of human information behavior: an equilibrium perspective

Jiqun Liu

The purpose of this paper is to build a unified model of human information behavior (HIB) for integrating classical constructs and reformulating the structure of HIB theory.


“A wound that has been festering since 2007”: The Burma/Myanmar naming controversy and the problem of rarely challenged assumptions on Wikipedia

Brendan Luyt

The Burma/Myanmar naming controversy on Wikipedia stands as an exemplary debate at least in terms of the politeness and civility of discourse. It was also one of the longer…

Epistemic warrant for categorizational activities and the development of controlled vocabularies

Daniel Martínez-Ávila, John M. Budd

The purpose of this paper is to update and review the concept of warrant in Library and Information Science (LIS) and to introduce the concept of epistemic warrant from…


Preservation practices of new media artists: Challenges, strategies, and attitudes in the personal management of artworks

Colin Post

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the preservation practices of new media artists, in particular those working outside of the scope of major collecting institutions…


Citation personal display: A case study of personal websites by physicists in 11 well-known universities

Xingchen Li, Qiang Wu, Nan Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the extent to which researchers display citation information and examine whether there are researcher differences in citation personal…

Information and knowledge processes as a knowledge management framework in health care: Towards shared decision making?

Helena Känsäkoski

Effective knowledge management (KM) enables the health care organisations to reach their goals. In modern health care the empowered patients are active partners, whose…


The bright side of information: ways of mitigating information overload

Tibor Koltay

The complex phenomenon of information overload (IO) is one of the pathologies in our present information environment, thus symbolically it signalizes the existence of a dark side…

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