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Defining a theoretical framework for information seeking and parenting: Concepts and themes from a study with mothers supportive of attachment parenting

Michela Montesi, Belén Álvarez Bornstein

Information seeking for child-rearing is an increasingly popular topic in the medical and social science literature, though a theoretical framework in which to understand this…


Once more unto the breach: “Overcoming epistemology” and librarianship’s de facto Deweyan Pragmatism

John Buschman

The purpose of this paper is to explore an approach to epistemology which allows a portion of library and information science (LIS) to coherently explain its social and…

The search-ification of everyday life and the mundane-ification of search

Olof Sundin, Jutta Haider, Cecilia Andersson, Hanna Carlsson, Sara Kjellberg

The purpose of this paper is to understand how meaning is assigned to online searching by viewing it as a mundane, yet often invisible, activity of everyday life and an integrated…


Teacher trainees’ information sharing activities and identity positioning on Facebook

Fredrik Hanell

The purpose of this paper is to extend the knowledge of how identity is connected to information sharing activities in social media during pre-school teacher training.

Open-access mega-journals: The future of scholarly communication or academic dumping ground? A review

Valerie Spezi, Simon Wakeling, Stephen Pinfield, Claire Creaser, Jenny Fry, Peter Willett

Open-access mega-journals (OAMJs) represent an increasingly important part of the scholarly communication landscape. OAMJs, such as PLOS ONE, are large scale, broad scope journals…


Knowledge construction by users: A content analysis framework and a knowledge construction process model for virtual product user communities

Xuguang Li, Andrew Cox, Nigel Ford

The purpose of this paper is to develop a content analysis framework and from that derive a process model of knowledge construction in the context of virtual product user…

Reliability and validity test of a Scoring Rubric for Information Literacy

Jos van Helvoort, Saskia Brand-Gruwel, Frank Huysmans, Ellen Sjoer

The purpose of this paper is to measure reliability and validity of the Scoring Rubric for Information Literacy (Van Helvoort, 2010).


Resisting neoliberalism: the challenge of activist librarianship in English Higher Education

Katherine Quinn, Jo Bates

The purpose of this paper is to examine the political position of academic librarianship in the context of recent changes in English Higher Education. The neoliberalisation of…


Reading databases: slow information interactions beyond the retrieval paradigm

Melanie Feinberg

In this conceptual essay, the purpose of this paper is to argue that the structure of databases and other information systems provides valuable information beyond their content…


The Monty Hyams Archive: A new resource for the information history of the late twentieth century

Caitlin Moore, Lyn Robinson

The purpose of this paper is to report a new resource for the study of the history of the development of information science and information services in the late twentieth…

Relations in KOS: is it possible to couple a common nature with different roles?

Fulvio Mazzocchi

The purpose of this paper, which increases and deepens what was expressed in a previous work (Mazzocchi et al., 2007), is to scrutinize the underlying assumptions of the types of…

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