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Table Of Contents: Volume 72 Issue 6

Outsourcing trust to the information infrastructure in schools

Olof Sundin, Hanna Carlsson

This paper investigates the experiences of school teachers of supporting pupils and their apprehensions of how pupils search and assess information when search engines…

The role of agency in historians’ experiences of serendipity in physical and digital information environments

Kim Martin, Anabel Quan-Haase

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the changing research practices of historians, and to contrast their experiences of serendipity in physical and digital…

Illusions of a “Bond”: tagging cultural products across online platforms

Nadine Desrochers, Audrey Laplante, Kim Martin, Anabel Quan-Haase, Louise Spiteri

Most studies pertaining to social tagging focus on one platform or platform type, thus limiting the scope of their findings. The purpose of this paper is to explore social…

Australian motor sport enthusiasts’ leisure information behaviour

Pauline Joseph

The purpose of this paper is to explore the leisure information behaviour of motor sport enthusiasts, examining: their information needs; their information seeking and…

Queries in authentic work tasks: the effects of task type and complexity

Miamaria Saastamoinen, Kalervo Järvelin

The purpose of this paper is to investigate information retrieval (IR) in the context of authentic work tasks (WTs), as compared to traditional experimental IR study designs.

Document phenomenology: a framework for holistic analysis

Tim Gorichanaz, Kiersten F. Latham

The purpose of this paper is to advance document ontology and epistemology by proposing a framework for analysing documents from multiple perspectives of research and practice.

Linking physicians’ medical practice information needs, resources and barriers to job satisfaction

Petros Kostagiolas, Panagiotis Gorezis, Konstantina Martzoukou, Dimitrios Deligeorgis, Dimitris Niakas

Medical doctors seek information in order to satisfy their demanding everyday work practices and professional development endeavours. Information seeking is a continuous…

Information seeking and searching strategies as plans and patterns of action

Reijo Savolainen

The purpose of this paper is to elaborate the picture of strategies for information searching and seeking by reviewing the conceptualizations on this topic in the field of…

Landscapes as documents

Geir Grenersen, Kjell Kemi, Steinar Nilsen

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the following questions: what is the origin of the concepts of documents and documentation? Are there a need for these concepts in…

Not just a pretty picture: visual literacy education through art for young children

Irene Lopatovska, Sarah Hatoum, Saebra Waterstraut, Lisa Novak, Sara Sheer

The purpose of this paper is to understand young children’s knowledge of visual literacy elements as well as their ability to comprehend newly introduced visual literacy…

Information seeking and use in the context of minimalist lifestyles

Angela Pollak

The purpose of this paper is to describe information seeking and use (ISU) within the context of minimalist lifestyles and connect characteristics of living with less to…



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