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Table Of Contents: Volume 72 Issue 3

Conceptual modelling of the public sphere in public libraries

Michael M. Widdersheim, Masanori Koizumi

The aim of this paper is to construct a conceptual model of the public sphere in public libraries. Various international authors over the past 20 years have associated…

An empirical study on Chinese adolescents’ web search behavior

Dan Wu, Weiping Cai

This research seeks to explore the web search behavior of adolescents from a Chinese secondary school and the factors affecting this behavior.

(Non-)use of Foucault’s archaeology of knowledge and order of things in LIS journal literature, 1990-2015

Scott Hamilton Dewey

This study provides a close, detailed analysis of the frequency, nature, and depth of visible use of two of Foucault’s classic early works, The Archaeology of Knowledge…

Presenting bibliographic families: designing an FRBR-based prototype using information visualization

Tanja Merčun, Maja Žumer, Trond Aalberg

Despite the importance of bibliographic information systems for discovering and exploring library resources, some of the core functionality that should be provided to…

"The most passionate cover I’ve seen": emotional information in fan-created U2 music videos

Diane Rasmussen Pennington

This article explores how both producers and consumers of user-created music videos on YouTube communicate emotional information.

A study of the use of simulated work task situations in interactive information retrieval evaluations: a meta-evaluation

Pia Borlund

The paper reports a study of how the test instrument of a simulated work task situation is used in empirical evaluations of interactive information retrieval (IIR) and…

A practice-based exploration of the enactment of information literacy among PhD students in an interdisciplinary research field

Ola Pilerot

The study aims to explore the interaction between the students, the material objects surrounding them, and their social site. The purpose is to identify and elucidate…

The information behaviours of disadvantaged and disengaged adolescents

Steven Buchanan, Lauren Tuckerman

To evidence and better understand adolescent information behaviours in disadvantaged and disengaged circumstances, and explore issues of social integration.

Mapping the everyday life information needs of catholic clergy: Savolainen’s ELIS model revisited

Jacob Dankasa

The purpose of this paper is to describe the pattern of everyday life information needs of a group of people in an area with limited access to information, and to…



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