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Table Of Contents: Volume 69 Issue 4

Interestingness and the essence of citation

Yuxian Liu, Ronald Rousseau

This paper aims to provide a new insight into the reasons why authors cite.

Towards a conceptual framework for provider information behaviour

Richmond Davies, Dorothy Williams

The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical discussion of the paucity of research on information behaviour of information providers and to propose a framework for…

Re‐conceiving information studies: a quantum approach

John M. Budd

This paper aims to demonstrate that fundamental aspects of quantum theory can be applied to work in information studies (IS).

A reply to Lingard

John M. Budd

The purpose of the paper is to provide a critical reply to Robert Lingard's close reading of a previously published paper of the present author's, “Meaning, truth, and…

Reflections on classification: Thomas Reid and bibliographic description

Martin Frické

The purpose of this paper is to clarify the ontological and epistemological basis of classification.

Information, truth and meaning: a response to Budd's prolegomena

Robert G. Lingard

This paper aims to respond to Budd's discussion of meaning, truth and information by exploring the ontological framework prescribed by critical realism. Budd's thesis that…

Examination of work task and criteria choices for the relevance judgment process

Arthur Taylor

The purpose of this paper is to better understand the dynamic nature of the relevance judgment process and the influence of work task on that process.



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