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Table Of Contents: Volume 69 Issue 1

Knowledge, documentation and a London location

David Bawden

As documents, and the whole information and communication environment, become increasingly digital, it is natural to assume that physical location becomes of less…

An exploratory study on social library system users' information seeking modes

Tingting Jiang

Social library systems are Web 2.0 sites where users discover interesting books, movies, and music, etc., collect these resources to their personal libraries, and share…

Nodes and arcs: concept map, semiotics, and knowledge organization

Alon Friedman, Richard P. Smiraglia

The purpose of the research reported here is to improve comprehension of the socially‐negotiated identity of concepts in the domain of knowledge organization. Because…

Search result list evaluation versus document evaluation: similarities and differences

Iris Xie, Edward Benoit

The purpose of this study is to compare the evaluation of search result lists and documents, in particular evaluation criteria, elements, association between criteria and…

QuikScan formatting as a means to improve text recall

Hans van der Meij, Jan van der Meij, David K. Farkas

QuikScan is an innovative text format that employs three prominent signaling devices – summaries, headings, and access cues – to make the reading of medium‐to‐long texts…

Does place affect user engagement and understanding?

Anthony Cocciolo, Debbie Rabina

The aim of this research project is to uncover if place‐based learning can increase learner engagement and understanding of historical topics.

Connecting with new information landscapes: information literacy practices of refugees

Annemaree Lloyd, Mary Anne Kennan, Kim M. Thompson, Asim Qayyum

Purpose – The purpose of the research reported in this article is to understand how refugees learn to engage with a complex, multimodal information landscape and how their…

Readers' perceptions of authors' citation behaviour

Peter Willett

The aim of this paper is to determine the extent to which readers perceive correctly the reasons why authors cite items in scholarly texts.



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