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Table Of Contents: Volume 68 Issue 4

Modelling information‐seeking behaviour of graduate students at Kuwait University

Nujoud Al‐Muomen, Anne Morris, Sally Maynard

This paper seeks to report the results of research conducted to model the information‐seeking behaviour of graduate students at Kuwait University and the factors…

Development of Arabic library and information science

Ali Saif Al‐Aufi, Peter Johan Lor

This paper aims to utilize Whitley's theory of the intellectual and social organization of the sciences and build on research carried on by Aarek et al., Vakkari…

Expectancy‐value beliefs and information needs as motivators for task‐based information seeking

Reijo Savolainen

The purpose of this article is to elaborate the picture of the motivators for information seeking by comparing the conceptualizations of task‐based information needs and…

Measuring the web impact of digitised scholarly resources

Kathryn E. Eccles, Mike Thelwall, Eric T. Meyer

Webometric studies, using hyperlinks between websites as the basic data type, have been used to assess academic networks, the “impact factor” of academic communications…

Journal peer review as an information retrieval process

Lutz Bornmann, Leo Egghe

In editorial peer review systems of journals, one does not always accept the best papers. Due to different human perceptions, the evaluation of papers by peer review (for…

Harvesting footnotes in a rural field: citation patterns in Swedish literary studies

Björn Hammarfelt

The aim of this article is to study a locally‐oriented and book‐based research field using two Swedish language sources. Knowledge about citation patterns outside…

LIS research on information sharing activities – people, places, or information

Ola Pilerot

The purpose of this article is to investigate and critically examine conceptualisations of information sharing activities in a selection of library and information science…

User verification of the FRBR conceptual model

Jan Pisanski, Maja Žumer

This paper aims to build on of a previous study of mental models of the bibliographic universe, which found that the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records



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