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Table Of Contents: Volume 68 Issue 3

Professional avatars: librarians and educators in virtual worlds

Lorri M. Mon

This study aims to examine librarianship and education in virtual world settings, focusing particularly on how librarians and educators establish professional identity and…

Exploring a framework for comprehensive and successful preservation management in libraries

Maja Krtalić, Damir Hasenay

This paper aims to explore a theoretical and methodological approach to preservation management in libraries, relying on the basic presumption that preservation is a…

Is classification necessary after Google?

Birger Hjørland

The purpose of this paper is to examine challenges facing bibliographic classification at both the practical and theoretical levels. At the practical level, libraries are…

Information retrieval (IR) and the paradox of change

Clare Thornley

This paper aims to explore whether philosophical insights from Plato's dialogue “Parmenides” on the complex and often paradoxical nature of change can illuminate the…

A review of theoretical models of health information seeking on the web

Christine Marton, Chun Wei Choo

By selectively reviewing theory‐driven survey studies on internet health information seeking, the paper aims to provide an informal assessment of the theoretical…

Information sources at play

Johanna Rivano Eckerdal

The aim of this article is to suggest that the information interaction between midwives and young women during counselling meetings about contraceptives can be approached…

Epistemic foundation of bibliographic classification in early China

Hur‐Li Lee

This study aims to understand the epistemic foundation of the classification applied in the first Chinese library catalogue, the Seven Epitomes (Qilue).



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