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Table Of Contents: Volume 67 Issue 1

Inter‐indexer consistency in graphic materials indexing at the National Library of Wales

Alan Vaughan Hughes, Pauline Rafferty

This paper seeks to report a project to investigate the degree of inter‐indexer consistency in the assignment of controlled vocabulary topical subject index terms to…

Meaning, truth, and information: prolegomena to a theory

John M. Budd

This paper aims to examine the relationships between meaning and truth as they may contribute to a constitutive definition of information. The thesis is primarily that…

Classification systems in the light of sociology of knowledge

Yael Keshet

Classification is an important process in making sense of the world, and has a pronounced social dimension. This paper aims to compare folksonomy, a new social…

A framework for contextual information in digital collections

Christopher A. (Cal) Lee

This paper sets out to investigate the meaning, role and implications of contextual information associated with digital collections.

Online retrieval history; how it all began: some personal recollections

J.L. Hall

This paper aims to discuss the history of online searching through the views of one of its pioneers.

Conceptual misfits in e‐mail‐based current‐awareness interaction

Simon Attfield, Ann Blandford

This research aims to identify some requirements for supporting user interactions with electronic current‐awareness alert systems based on data from a professional work…

An anthropological emic‐etic perspective on open access practices

Jingfeng Xia

The purpose of this paper is to examine open access practices using an anthropological view of emics and etics.

The information‐related behaviour of emerging artists and designers

Helen Mason, Lyn Robinson

This paper aims to report an empirical study of the information‐related behaviour of emerging artists and designers. It also aims to add to understanding of the…



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