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Table Of Contents: Volume 66 Issue 4

Cognitive styles and search engine preferences

Natalie Clewley, Sherry Y. Chen, Xiaohui Liu

Cognitive style has been identified to be significantly influential in deciding users' preferences of search engines. In particular, Witkin's field dependence/independence…

An experimental comparison of a genetic algorithm and a hill‐climber for term selection

A. MacFarlane, A. Secker, P. May, J. Timmis

The term selection problem for selecting query terms in information filtering and routing has been investigated using hill‐climbers of various kinds, largely through the…

Two kinds of evidence: how information systems form rhetorical arguments

Melanie Feinberg

This paper aims to examine how systems for organizing information construct rhetorical arguments for a particular interpretation of their subject matter.

Perspectives of studies on document abstracting

Mónica Izquierdo Alonso, Luis Miguel Moreno Fernández

The aim of this paper is to systemize and improve the scientific status of studies on document abstracting. This is a diachronic, systematic study of document abstracting…

The rhizome and the tree: changing metaphors for information organisation

Lyn Robinson, Mike Maguire

The paper aims to review Deleuze and Guttari's concept of the rhizome as a model for information organisation.

Imagining the internet: learning and access to information in Singapore's public libraries

Adrian Kay Heng Heok, Brendan Luyt

This study aims to investigate the discourses surrounding the provision of internet access in Singapore through the public library system and to consider what the…

PERCIRS: a system to combine personalized and collaborative information retrieval

Hassan Naderi, Beatrice Rumpler

This paper aims to discuss and test the claim that utilization of the personalization techniques can be valuable to improve the efficiency of collaborative information…



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