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Library and Information Studies

Table Of Contents: Volume 65 Issue 1

Open science in e‐science: contingency or policy?

Jenny Fry, Ralph Schroeder, Matthijs den Besten

This paper seeks to discuss the question of “openness” in e‐Science.

Documentation and the users of digital resources in the humanities

Claire Warwick, Isabel Galina, Jon Rimmer, Melissa Terras, Ann Blandford, Jeremy Gow, George Buchanan

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of documentation for digital humanities resources. This includes technical documentation of textual markup or…

Attracted to open access journals: a bibliometric author analysis in the field of biology

Tove Faber Frandsen

Scholars from developing countries have limited access to research publications due to expensive subscription costs. However, the open access movement is challenging the…

Understanding interaction in information seeking and use as a discourse: a dialogic approach

Jonathan Foster

The purpose of this research is to identify the organization, functions, and forms of talk that occur as groups collectively review, interpret, and organise information…

Student digital information‐seeking behaviour in context

David Nicholas, Paul Huntington, Hamid R. Jamali, Ian Rowlands, Maggie Fieldhouse

This study provides evidence on the actual information‐seeking behaviour of students in a digital scholarly environment, not what they thought they did. It also compares…

Meaning in philosophy and meaning in information retrieval (IR)

Clare Thornley, Forbes Gibb

The purpose of this paper is to explore the question of whether the differences between meaning in philosophy and meaning in information retrieval (IR) have implications…

Ambiguity and legitimate peripheral participation in the creation of scientific documents

Kalpana Shankar

The purpose of this paper is to report on a qualitative study of data management and recordkeeping in the research sciences and their roles in information creation and…



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