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This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/eb026488. When citing the…

A substantive theory of classification for information retrieval

Birger Hjørland, Karsten Nissen Pedersen

To suggest that a theory of classification for information retrieval (IR), asked for by Spärck Jones in a 1970 paper, presupposes a full implementation of a pragmatic…

Revisiting classification for retrieval

Karen Spärck Jones

This short note seeks to respond to Hjørland and Pederson's paper “A substantive theory of classification for information retrieval” which starts from Spärck Jones's…

The business aims of eight national libraries in digital library co‐operation

Mel Collier

To describe the process and results of the business‐planning workpackage of The European Library (TEL) project, in which eight national libraries collaborated on a joint…

Effects of foreign language and task scenario on relevance assessment

Preben Hansen, Jussi Karlgren

This paper aims to investigate how readers assess relevance of retrieved documents in a foreign language they know well compared with their native language, and whether…

Usability and user perceptions of a thesaurus‐enhanced search interface

Ali Shiri, Crawford Revie

This paper seeks to report an investigation into the ways in which end‐users perceive a thesaurus‐enhanced search interface, in particular thesaurus and search interface usability.

A bird's eye view of cross‐platform web interaction

Debra J. Slone

This exploratory study sets out to describe the ways in which end‐users exchanged information between the web and a web online catalog, how they searched one device based…



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