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Table Of Contents: Volume 61 Issue 4

Privilege and public provision in the intellectual welfare state

Barbara Kyle

The purpose of this paper, originally published in 1956, is to examine the assumptions about people's needs for and rights to information which lie behind the…

Clear thinking on the “unity” of the information professions

Paul Sturges

As part of a series to mark the 60th anniversary of the Journal of Documentation, the aim is to review a 1956 article by Barbara Kyle.

To stem or lemmatize a highly inflectional language in a probabilistic IR environment?

Kimmo Kettunen, Tuomas Kunttu, Kalervo Järvelin

To show that stem generation compares well with lemmatization as a morphological tool for a highly inflectional language for IR purposes in a best‐match retrieval system.

Open access journal publishing: the views of some of the world's senior authors

David Nicholas, Paul Huntington, Ian Rowlands

The main aims of the survey were to determine: the volume of open access (OA) publishing; what the attitudes of authors to publishing in OA journals were; and what authors…

Term conflation methods in information retrieval

Carmen Galvez, Félix de Moya‐Anegón, Víctor H. Solana

To propose a categorization of the different conflation procedures at the two basic approaches, non‐linguistic and linguistic techniques, and to justify the application of…

Information and non‐information multitasking interplay

Amanda Spink, Minsoo Park

During multitasking, humans handle multiple tasks through task switching or engage in multitasking information behaviors. For example, a user switches between seeking new…



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