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Table Of Contents: Volume 54 Issue 1

Redesigning the university library in the digital age

T.D. Wilson

Business process re‐engineering (or redesign) has achieved mixed results in business and industry but it offers an approach to thinking about the future of academic…

In search of the unknown user: indexing, hypertext and the world wide web

David Ellis, Nigel Ford, Jonathan Furner

For the purposes of this article, the indexing of information is interpreted as the pre‐processing of information in order to enable its retrieval. This definition thus…

Applications of n‐grams in textual information systems

Alexander M. Robertson, Peter Willett

This paper provides an introduction to the use of n‐grams in textual information systems, where an n‐gram is a string of n, usually adjacent, characters extracted from a…

Information extraction: beyond document retrieval

Robert Gaizauskas, Yorick Wilks

In this paper we give a synoptic view of the growth of the text processing technology of information extraction (IE) whose function is to extract information about a…

Chemical patents and structural information ‐ the Sheffield research in context

This paper focuses on the importance of chemical patents as an information source. After an outline of this importance, the discussion concentrates principally on the area…



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