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Table Of Contents: Volume 79 Issue 4

Lending so much — but not enough

Chris Phillips

To what extent does collective opinion mirror individual experience? I pose this question after talking recently to the MD of what is, by common definition, a small firm…

In brief

When is a “police‐person” too tall for the job? In the United States, when he or she is over 5′ 8″, as an investigation in Washington D.C. showed:

Collective bargaining: What the law says

A collective bargaining agreement is not legally binding — or is it? Barrister Robert Gaitskell examines this contentious issue against the background of a recent High…

Energy conservation

A new company, Econo‐Rad, has been established at Halesowen to produce a factory heating system to be known under the same name.


Shift workers are more disturbed by changes in eating patterns than in sleeping patterns. The ill effects of shift working have, in any case, been exaggerated where they…

Inventory control: Who's in charge?

Mervyn Grubb, chairman of GKN Distributors, argues the case for closer links between purchasing and inventory control managers to give industry a more potent, co‐ordinated…

Stocktaking: How to cope with the tougher rules

Changes in company law mean that firms have got to be more accurate at stock‐taking — unless they want to run the risk of having their accounts qualified by auditors…

Beyond Bennery

The idea of the workforce taking over and running a firm has faltered on the examples of the Scottish Daily News, Kirby Manufacturing and Triumph Meriden — all promoted by…

Progress chasing

Progress chasing has an established role in most manufacturing operations. But is it really that useful? David Hill draws on his own experiences and sets them in an…

Products and services

Fisons say they have saved 40 per cent in storage space following installation of dual‐purpose shelving units designed by Bruynzeel Storage Systems of Aylesbury.



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