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A laboratory exploration for multi-period perishable food pricing

Xiaohuan Wang, Zhi-Ping Fan, Yiming Wang, Manning Li

The purpose of this paper is to put forward a multi-period dynamic pricing strategy for perishable food considering consumers’ price fairness perception. The impacts of the…

A multi-stakeholder perspective on the adoption of good agricultural practices in the Thai fresh produce industry

Rungsaran Wongprawmas, Maurizio Canavari, Chutima Waisarayutt

The purpose of this paper is to explore the factors hindering the adoption of good agricultural practices (GAPs) in the Thai fresh fruit and vegetable industry from the…

Microbiological safety and quality aspects of the short supply chain: SWOT analysis of the Belgian case study

Claire Verraes, Mieke Uyttendaele, Antoine Clinquart, Georges Daube, Marianne Sindic, Dirk Berkvens, Lieve Herman

In recent years consumers in Belgium have shown a great interest for foods from the short supply chain. The difference with the conventional chain is that in the short supply…

Plurality in different groupings: sugarcane supply in Brazil

Cristiane Feltre, Luiz Fernando de Oriani e Paulillo

The purpose of this paper is to show the motivations for the existence of plural forms in the sugarcane agribusiness in the western region of São Paulo state, Brazil, particularly…

Drivers of local food consumption: a comparative study

Constanza Bianchi, Gary Mortimer

– The purpose of this paper is to empirically explore antecedents of local food purchase intention in two food producing countries with different cultural backgrounds.


Consumer loyalty towards locally certified low-input farm products

Misa Aoki

The purpose of this paper is to reveal how a loyalty program that provides economic rewards for locally produced low-input farm products influences the consumers’ behavior of…

Convergence of food systems: Kosher, Christian and Halal

Marco Tieman, Faridah Hj Hassan

– The purpose of this paper is to investigate if religious food laws can provide answers to current issues with the food systems.


Exploring perceptions of non-Muslims towards Halal foods in UK

Rana Muhammad Ayyub

There is a growing demand of Halal products and services in a number of non-Muslim countries. Although Muslim consumers have been studied in several research studies but there is…


I’m loving it but hating US: Understanding consumer emotions and perceived service quality of US fast food brands

Muhammad Kashif, Zainudin Awang, John Walsh, Umair Altaf

The studies which connect international marketing emotions with perceived service quality are scarce. The purpose of this paper is to fill this knowledge gap and take into account…


Dish composition: children’s mental representation and expected liking

Nina Veflen Olsen, Themistoklis Altintzoglou, Valérie Lengard Almli, Margrethe Hersleth, Aase Skuland, Pirjo Honkanen

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how vegetable side components (carrot and broccoli) influence children’s associations and expected liking of two common Norwegian…

Cost of New Nordic Diet school meals

Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Anne Vibeke Thorsen, Camilla Trab Damsgaard, Anja Biltoft-Jensen

The purpose of this paper is to conduct economic evaluation of a school meal programme based on principles of a New Nordic Diet (NND) by assessing the costs of the NND lunch…

A comparative study of tourist attitudes towards culinary tourism in Spain and Slovenia

Sandra Sanchez-Cañizares, Ana M Castillo-Canalejo

The purpose of this paper is to determine the role of gastronomy as a destination attraction, tourists’ perception of culinary tourism, its influence on satisfaction with the…

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