Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: Volume 95 Issue 9


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Table of contents - Special Issue: Research and Education in Aircraft Design

Guest Editors: Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski

Engine condition monitoring on small single engine turboprop

Miroslav Šplíchal, Miroslav Červenka, Jaroslav Juracka

This study aims to focus on verifying the possibility of monitoring the condition of a turboprop engine using data recorded by on-board avionics Garmin G1000. This approach has…


LQR and LQG control of the helicopter during landing on the ship deck

Sebastian Topczewski, Przemyslaw Bibik

The purpose of this study is to test the performance of the designed automatic control system based on the Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) and Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG…

Development process for preliminary aircraft sizing methods with regard to new technologies

Johannes Schneider, Andreas Strohmayer

The purpose of this study is to develop and describe a process which can be applied to develop new methods in the context of preliminary aircraft sizing in a successful and…

The use of vision system to determine lateral deviation from landing trajectory

Tomasz Rogalski, Paweł Rzucidło, Stanisław Noga, Dariusz Nowak

This study presents an image processing algorithm capable of calculating selected flight parameters requested by flight control systems to guide aircraft along the horizontal…

Design, manufacturing and testing of pull-out and shear-out insert allowable for sandwich applications

Cristina-Elisabeta Pelin, Alexandra-Raluca Axenie, Adrian Gaz, George Pelin, Adriana Stefan, Cristian Moisei, Albert Arnau Cubillo

This paper aims to present the procedures necessary to determine the insert allowable for a composite sandwich, considering that the inserts were the most commonly used means to…

RPAS performance model for fast-time simulation research on integration in non-segregated airspace

Daniel Lichoń, Andrzej Robert Majka, Tomasz Lis

The purpose of this paper was to elaborate the performance model of the remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) which was destined for simulations of the construction…

Key factors in reducing cost of UAM implementation

Adam Liberacki, Bartosz Dziugiel, Paulina Woroniecka, Piotr Ginter, Anna Dorota Stanczyk, Anna Maria Mazur, Jens T. Ten Thije, Marta Tojal Castro

The purpose of the paper is the identification of the main factors affecting the cost of urban air mobility (UAM) based on results of ASSURED-UAM project. These factors can be…

Analysis of longitudinal dynamic stability of tandem wing aircraft

Marcin Figat, Agnieszka Kwiek

Tandem wing aircrafts belong to an unconventional configurations group, and this type of design is characterised by a strong aerodynamic coupling, which results in lower induced…


Analysis of the mechanical limitations of the selected high-speed electric motor

Mariusz Korkosz, Stanisław Noga, Tomasz Rogalski

The study aims to show the influence of selected mechanical parameters of the rotor on the maximum speed and parameters of the electric motor.

A proposal of AHRS yaw angle correction with the use of roll angle

Grzegorz Kopecki, Michal Banicki

Attitude and heading are very important measurements on board aircraft. In modern solutions they are measured by the attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). In some small…


Animal detection using thermal imaging and a UAV

Rafał Frąckowiak, Zdobysław Jan Goraj

This study aims to test a multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) paired with a thermal imaging camera for detecting big game species such as Eurasian elk, red deer, European roe…

Multimodal 3D transport system implementation barriers in populated municipalities

Bartosz Dziugiel, Anna Maria Mazur, Adam Liberacki, Piotr Ginter, Agata Utracka, Sylwester Wyka, Vittorio Di Vito, Aniello Menichino

Process of building and then implementation of integrated multimodal, passenger-centred and predominantly sustainable transport system will require a specific effort to be input…

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